1. O

    Could a large Coronal Mass Ejection shift Earth's rotational axis

    Very strong rumours that an explosive CME is about to happen within a few years ..... Corey Goode was shown a simulation , by friendly ETs , of what we can expect ... There is a massive release of plasma by the sun , centered mainly around the sun's equator , on Earth an observable change...
  2. A

    AddForce issue after rotation of the object axis

    Hi, I'm new to unity, and I am trying to create a simple game where a cube moves and jump around a field. I encountered a problem, sometimes, when the cube jumps and moves he flips and he falls facing the ground with another face than the starting one, this creates a problem when I use the...
  3. M

    Impact energy of a hammer blow along a fixed rotational axis

    Howdy, I've been trying to rectify a weird application and don't feel comfortable with my results and wanted some feedback. I have a hammer, mounted along its axis to a rotational point which allows me to raise the hammer some distance from a striking plate. When I release the hammer, I...
  4. J

    Perpendicular axis theorem problem

    Hi everyone, I have come across a problem that I am afraid I really don't know how to start to tackle. It is a problem of the type - to show that a theorem works for particular situation from first principals using generic elements and coordinate system and so prove the theorem in general...
  5. L

    constraint of moment about an axis

    why there is no constraint of plate about a axis ? for moment about z -axis , i can have -2Bx +3By = 0 , where By and Bx = 0 which is shown in the top part of solution....
  6. L

    rotation about fixed axis

    in this notes , the author gave that the IG is the moment of inertia calculated about an axis which is perpendicular to the page ..... moment of inertia calculated about an axis which is perpendicular to the page here means id due to Ft(tangential force) only ? not include Fn ( normal force )...
  7. L

    calculating the moment about an axis

    when we are calculating the total moment at y' axis , why it is necessary to include the 200Nm ..The 200Nm is acted along the y axis ....
  8. L

    determine the moment of inertia of the x axis of the cross sectional area.

    the ans that i gt is 173.9 , but the ans given is 173.9, which part of my working is wrong?
  9. L

    determine the moments of inertia about the horizontal and vertical axis

    determine the moments of inertia about the horizontal axis and vertical axis for the area. i have my x bar = (100x 10)(50) +(12x80)(6) / (1000+960) =28.4 y bar = (100x 10)(100+5) +(12x80)(20+40) / (1000+960) = 83.0 , then i have attcahed my working for Ixx and Iyy below. The ans given for...
  10. L

    finding moment about x axis

    determine the moment of inertia about x axis for the area. the the ans given is Ixx = 95.1x10^6 , but my ans is 1.27x10^7 , which part of my working is wrong?
  11. J

    Gravitational Acceleration to a body offset from a tilted axis

    I was trying to figure out the acceleration to a body on a tilted axis. Is it the same as if the body were on a hill? or would it be more like a free object have to rotate, so the inertia would just be mv? Assuming a short time interval, so the change in direction due to reaching the end of...
  12. J

    Rotational Inertia about an offset axis

    Problem gives 3 point masses all in the xy-plane. If I were asked to calculate the rotational inertia of the system about the z-axis, I would naturally use the magnitude of the position vector from each point to the origin where the closest distance to the z-axis is located. I can do it with...
  13. M

    Parallel and Perpendicular axis theorems

    Could someone explain me perpendicular and parallel axis ????
  14. Aman987

    Perpendicular and Parallel Axis

    Could someone explain me perpendicular and parallel axis ????
  15. N

    Trying Anti-gravity

    I can't find where I read that if one spins an object in a horizontal plane and spin that object in a vertical plane at the same rate of spin you will be dabling in Anti-gravity. I must add that this object to be spun is also spokeless. Now this mechanical action may seem impossible but its not...
  16. S

    Moment of Inertia - Parallel Axis Help (Statics)

    Hey all I don't really have a specific problem to ask about, but I'm having trouble with the concept of the parallel axis theorem. Mainly when using the equation to solve for Ix/Iy, what Ix' and Iy' are equal to. Just for an example, when calculating Iy of this problem: And splitting the...
  17. R

    Rotation about Fixed Axis

    Hi, Here's my question: A uniform rod AB of mass m is released from rest when it is at 60degrees from the surface of the earth. Assuming the friction force between end A (that's the end that touches the surface) and the surface is large enough to prevent sliding, determine (for the instant just...
  18. G

    Velocity of particle on x axis

    I'm having trouble on these two problems, I had some theories on how to solve these but none of them seemed to work out. 1. The velocity of a particle moving along the x axis varies in time according to the expression v(t) = α-βt^(2) where α = 50.9 m/s, β = 4.76 m/s^(3) , and t is in seconds...
  19. S

    Torque about the wheel's central axis

    A frictional force of 350 N acts on the rim of a 1.7 m diameter wheel to oppose its rotational motion. What is the torque about the wheel's central axis? (Take positive torques to be in the direction of rotation.) Ok ive tried taking 350N*.85 m but i use and it keeps saying i...
  20. A

    Parallel axis theorem

    Hey. I have a question, in the Parallel axis theorem, what's M? Lets take for example a full circle, I know that the moment of inertia is 1/2MR^2. I saw in a question (the solution), that the moment of inertia on every point on the perimeter of the circle is MR^2 + 1/2MR^2 and that got me...