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    The attraction of massless particles to other massless particles and to matter

    I am really hoping someone might be able to offer a solution or at least offer guidance on something that is interesting me - are massless particles more attracted to particles with mass or other massless particles. A good example to work with could be photons: is light more attracted to...
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    Lateral Force from Electrostatic Attraction Force?

    A grounded metal plate is held equidistant between two connected and charged plates. Assume the mechanism to slide the center plate in or out has a coefficient of friction of 0.0 Since the vector forces applied to the center plate are normal to the surface, is there a lateral/shear force when...
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    Potential difference due to attraction

    The other day in my class, my professor said that: 'Whenever you have a force of attraction, the potential will always be negative'. Why is that so?
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    [SOLVED] gravitational attraction

    Hi: a) Two lead balls with masses 5.20kg and 0.250kg are place with their centres 50.0cm apart. With what gravitational force do they attract each other? b) At Earth's surface g=9.806m/s². Assuming the Earth to be a sphere of radius 6.371x10^6, find the mass of the Earth. Take G =...
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    dielectric slab attraction

    In many problems, i see a dielectric goes in or out of capacitorr plates.i do not understand clearly why a dielectric gets attracted. if someone knows the mechanism, please tell me.