1. GatheringKnowledge

    Magnetohydrodynamics - Space Weather & Atmospheric currents

    Hello! I would like to hear some professional opinion about a model of interactions between magnetosphere and atmosphere. I'm not a professional physicist, but I did everything, to make it fully consistent with officialy approved knowledge. I will provide you the links to publications and...
  2. M

    Atmospheric flow

    What I need is just what does it mean Atmospheric flow? how or where can someone find it in the nature?
  3. T

    Newcomen's Atmospheric Engine

    Hi All, I just finished this... Take a look! Atmospheric Engine | THERMO Spoken Here! JP
  4. I

    Does this show atmospheric pressure or air resistance?

    Please help a discussion we're having here. The demo in question is attached. I had to do this demo as the very first introduction to pressure for K8 students. It's supposed to show that there is atmospheric pressure. I don't see it being much to do with pressure as much as air resistance...
  5. I

    Does this show atmospheric pressure or air resistance?

    I'm teaching at a private school and the very first demo shown to Yr 8 Science students to explain air pressure was this as shown in the attachment. I've seen similar experiments online all claiming to show that there's atmospheric pressure. However, I see it as showing air resistance...
  6. T

    Necomen's Atmospheric Engine

    Hi All. Tommy Newcomen's steam engine ran in 1712 ~ 300 years past. Here's my "physics proof" that it worked.. Atmospheric Engine | THERMO Spoken Here!
  7. L

    atmospheric pressure can be ignored?

    in the second picture , the author said that the atmospheric pressure can be ignored , since the pressure act on 2 sides of the door ? my question is which 2 sides? up ? down ? or left ? right ?
  8. L

    atmospheric pressure

    why we have to ignore the atmospehric pressure (P_0) ??
  9. W

    Atmospheric Thermodynamics hw problem

    My classmates and I have been puzzling over this problem that my prof wrote up for our homework. I keep trying different versions of the ideal gas law to solve it but I feel like there's missing information or something. The problem is as follows: Find the average molecular weight M and...
  10. D

    This term in beam atmospheric transmittance?

    Not quite sure where this fits, but I'll chance it that it goes here. I've started reading up on the basic science behind solar energy technology, mainly because I find the subject interesting. However, I've come across a term in one of the equations that I'm honestly not sure where it comes...
  11. B

    Boiling point, atmospheric pressure

    91. Water can be boiled at 00C, if the atmospheric pressure is a. 760 mm of Hg b. 76 mm of Hg c. 40 mm of Hg d. 4 mm of Hg