1. L

    Modern Astronomy

    Were the photographs of the Milky Way galaxy fabricated since the photographer would have to be more than 100 ly from the earth to take a photography of the Milky Way galaxy?
  2. G

    Astronomy: Eclipse of Jovian satellites/speed of light

    I'm attempting to replicate the Ole Roemer method of determining the speed of light using the eclipse of Europa as a cosmological clock. This requires that I sum the period of Europa to predict the time of the eclipse. When I note the predicted time of the eclipse, I see there is a 4 minute...
  3. RonPrice

    Ponderings: After Watching "Hawking"(2004)

    CARPE DIEM This Latin expression, carpe diem, applies to many a facet of life-some of which I write about in the following prose-poem. I recommend that readers skim or scan this somewhat long post...or stop reading now.-Ron Price, Tasmania -------------------------------- Preamble: This...
  4. T

    Old astronomy aberration (1730 ) = new tool for physics

    wiki def what is aberration New tool and rocket ( we know brightness / main size and distance - exist only one reason why we see light in many new position Vo = constant velocity Why I call this system " close close star " Mr Mach...
  5. G

    Career Guidance Astronomy faculty?

    Hi, im new here and i shot question right away :) Well i want to know what kind of possibilities i have if i want to start to study at some astronomy faculty.I know mainly the physics faculties have astronomy department but i don't know what faculties are there and which of them offer...