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    US Navy release patents for anti grav technology

    This is something many observers have been expecting for a long time. The release of high tech to the surface population , tech which had previously been hoarded and kept off world... Trumps 'Space Force' is part of the same process ... "18 Apr 2019 ...The US Navy has been granted a patent...
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    Missing anti matter

    I found the missing anti matter. After realizing Big bang repeats on ever larger scales with new particles forming at the knots of the large scale structure. I see galaxies flying in - these them selves behave like particles with a point particle and a wave. So it happens again, if I throw...
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    Anti matter: a topic of both old and new

    In my first thread To Discuss the Gap Between Mathematics and Physics,I introduced the concept of X4 and interpreted the meaning of it. And we should recognized that the first step should be trying to find out what are the states of cosmos represented by the different X4 values. In this thread...
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    Create anti protons

    Hello, can you please explain how to create the anti protons? Thank.