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    Torque, angular momentum and Gyroscopes.

    Hi, I have recently started revising for my mechanics exam and just can't seem to grasp the concept of Gyroscopes angular momentum and torque. I was wondering if anyone could please clarify the following things for me: 1. According to my textbook toque is the tendancy of a force to twist or...
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    Angular acceleration

    A circular saw blade completes 1250 revolutions in 39 s while coasting to a stop after being turned off. Assume constant deceleration. (a) What is the angular deceleration? (b) What is the initial angular speed? Thanks for your help
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    Angular displacement

    A motorcyclist is traveling along a road and accelerates for 4.50 s to pass another cyclist. The angular acceleration of each wheel is +6.70 rad/s^2, and, just after passing, the angular velocity of each is +74.5 rad/s, where the plus signs indicate counterclockwise directions. What is the...
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    Angular speed

    A flat uniform circular disk (radius= 2.00 m: mass= 100 kg) is initially stationary. The disk is free to rotate in the horizontal plane about a frictionless axis perpendicular to the center of the disk. A 40 kg person, standing 1.25 m from the axis, begins to run on the disk in a circular path...
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    angular momentum

    A child rolls a basketball of mass 0.578 kg up a long ramp. The basketball can be considered a thin-walled hollow sphere. When the child releases the basketball at the bottom of the ramp, it has a speed of 8.60 m/s. When the ball returns to her after rolling up the ramp and then rolling back...
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    Angular velocity-acceleration

    The clock has a diameter of 30 cm. It has an hour, minute and second hands. 1. there is a speck of dust on the second hand, Where is the speck located if its velocity is: (a) the fastest it could be (b) the slowest it could be 2. In rad/s, what is the angular velocity of the second hand...
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    Finding angular velocity

    a disc of moment of inertia 0.1kgm^2 about its center and radius 0.2m is released from rest on a plane inclined at 30degrees. calculate the angular velocity after it has rolled 2m down the plane if its mass is 5kg.
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    Angular acceleration

    Please help - my teacher assigned this hw but did not explain in class. He expects us to understand from reading the book. That is reaaaally hard! If a truck has a linear acceleration of 1.85 m/s^2 and the wheels have an angular acceleration of 5.23 rad/s^2, what is the diameter of the...
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    max angular velocity

    what is the maximum angular velocity that can be imparted to a 10 kg disc of radius 1 meter?
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    Angular speed of a wheel

    Please help and thank you in advance An automobile tire has a radius of 0.330m, and its center moves forward with a linear speed of v= 15.0 m/s. (a) Determine the angular speed of the wheel. (b) Relative to the axle, what is the tangential speed of a point located 0.175m from the axle...
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    Kepler (conservation of angular momentum) and the moon,

    Hi, The moon is receding at about 4cm/year. Apparently because it is speeding up. Does the moon's orbit then violate Kepler's law of planetary motion? How can the integral remain equal for sweeps of the moons orbit if the moon is moving away. Is this an example of Kepler's law being...
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    angular acceleration of a fishing rod

    A fish takes the bait and pulls the line with a force of 2.1 N.. The fishing real is a cylinder of radius 0.055 m and mass of 0.84 kg. The reel has a frictional clutch that exerts a restraining torque of 0.047 N*m. (a) What is the angular acceleration of the fishing reel (b) How much line does...
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    angular momentum

    why does the coasting rotating system slow down as water drips into the beaker?
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    angular motion

    you may feel scared at the top of roller coaster ride in the amusement park but you never fall down even when you are upside down. why?
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    Angular Motion ( Help..!!)

    Two people started the same place and walk around a circular lake in opposite directions. One has an angular speed of 0.0017 rad/s , while the other has an angular speed of 0.0014 rad/s. how long will it be before they meet
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    Angular Motion ( Help..!!)

    Two people started the same place and walk around a circular lake in opposite directions. One has an angular speed of 0.0017 rad/s , while the other has an angular speed of 0.0014 rad/s. how long will it be before they meet ?
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    Rotating Tire Angular Acceleration

    A Tire is placed on the balancing machine at the mechanic shop starts from rest and rotates through 5.2 revolutions in 1.2 s before reaching its final angular speed. a. calculate angular accleration. b. What is the final speed of the tire?
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    Angular momentum conservation violation?

    Hi All, A thick disc spinning clockwise on a vertical axis is brought into contact edgewise with another identical disc and then moved back. Now both of them spin. Since both discs are identical and angular momentum is conserved, both spin slower than the original disc at half the...
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    Angular momentum problem

    A disk has a mass of 50 g and a radius of 3 cm. When it spins at 400 rev/s, what is its angular momentum? I= (1/2)mr^2 Show work please. Thanks
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    Angular Momentum

    The angular momentum of a body about a particular axis as a function of time is shown in the graph. The external torque acting on the body along this axis at t=2s is. A) 0 B) 5Nm C) 10Nm D) 20Nm E) 40Nm