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    To find Angular Displacement

    Hello, Need help on how to set this up and the answer, so I can study it to understand it. A shaft whose diameter is 10 cm rotates with an angular speed of 1.00 rad / second. Calculate the angular displacement IN RADIANS, if the shaft rotates for 3.75 seconds?? PLEASE HELP STUCK ON THIS> I...
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    How to I find Angular Speed

    Hi, Tire(wheel) on a car travelling 60 km/hr has a diameter of 45.0cm. What is the angular speed?? So we use w=theta / time. But how do you find radians in this? for the angular speed?? NEED HELP, last problem to work out on my home work. Thanks for your help and please show all work so I...
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    Angular velocity and acceleration

    The block moves to the left with a constant velocity v. a)determine the distance x as a function of Q . b)determine the Angular velocity as a function of Q c)determine the Angular acceleration as a function of Here is how i find the distance x. tagQ=a/x -> x=a/tagQ . Can anybody help me...
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    Angular Velocity

    Hello! I need a bit of help with calculating the angular velocity of attached bar systems. If I have the weight and angle of the components, (say 2 bar attached at the ends, in rotation), how do I calculate the anglular velocity? what is the generic formula? I know in theory that the speed...
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    A question on angular momentum and rotational KE

    Hi all, Here is a simple situation about which I am puzzled. A man is rotating about his axis of symmetry with arms outstretched and holding some mass in both his outstretched hands. Now he withdraws his his moment of inertia decreases and assuming no external torque by applying...
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    Angular Magnification

    We were given a formula to find angular magnification, and I can't figure out what one of the variables is supposed to represent. Angular magnification=m*do/di di is the distance to the image, and m is the magnification of the lens system, what does do represent? I'm looking at an example...
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    angular momentum

    A uniform disk with a mass of 800g and radius 17.0 cm is rotating on frictionless bearings with an angular speed of 18.0 Hz when Jill drops a 120 g clod of clay on a point 8.0 cm from the center of the disk, where it sticks. What is the new angular speed of the disk? I got Rotational Inertia...
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    angular speed

    A proposed space station includes living quarters in a circular ring 48.0 m in diameter. At what angular speed should the ring rotate so the occupants feel that they have the same weight as they do on Earth? i did radius = 24 m so mv^2/r=mg m cancelled v^2 = rg v= sqrt (9.8*24) =...
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    Merry-go-rounds and changing angular speeds?

    Hi, I'm in introductory level mechanics and I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with this question: A playground ride consists of a disk of mass M = 56 kg and radius R = 2.0 m mounted on a low-friction axle. A child of mass m = 24 kg runs at speed v = 2.3 m/s on a line tangential...
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    angular velocity and momentum

    A hoop of 2.18 m circumference is rolling down an inclined plane of length 12.3 m in a time of 13.9 s. It started out from rest. What is its angular velocity when it arrives at the bottom? I tried solving this by dividing the length of the plane by the circumference of the hoop, which would...
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    Determining the angular and linear accelerations of a Rigid Body

    Hello, all! I am currently working with the governing equation of a rotating, translating rigid body. That is: \vec{a_i} = \vec{a_c} + \vec{\alpha} \times \vec{r} + \vec{\omega} \times \left( {\vec{\omega} \times \vec{r}} \right) Where a_i is the linear acceleration of some point on the...
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    Magnitude of Angular Acceleration

    A disk rotates with constant angular acceleration. The initial angular speed of the disk is 2π rad/s. After the disk rotates through 1π radians, the angular speed is 14π rad/s. What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration? I tried to use w=w0+at but that didn't work. What equation do I...
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    Angular Frequency in Magnetic field

    Q. Two identical particles moving with the same speed enter a region of uniform magnetic field. If one enters normal to the direction of the field and the other enters at an angle 30° to it, find the ratio of their angular frequencies. My attempt : F1 = qvB sin90 = qvB F2 = qvB sin30 = qvB/2...
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    Angular Acceleration and Projectile Motion

    An amusement park game, shown in the figure (see attachment), launches a marble toward a small cup. The marble is placed directly on top of a spring-loaded wheel and held with a clamp. When released, the wheel spins around clockwise at constant angular acceleration, opening the clamp and...
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    conservation of angular momentum

    the problem is: a horizontal vinyl record of mass .10 kg and radius .10m rotates freely about a vertical axis through its center with an angular speed of 4.7rad/s. the rotational inertia of the record about its axis of rotation is .0005kgm^2. a wad of wet putty of mass .02kg drops verticaly onto...
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    angular velocity of a disk

    Could someone give me some tips on how to get started with this? I don't know what to do. A force of 18 N is applied to a disk of mass 2.4 kg at a distance of R = 7.0 cm from its center. What is the angular velocity of the disk after 5.0 sec? Do I need to find the rotational inertia of the...
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    angular displacement

    Homework question help-- A ball inside a computer mouse has a radius of 1.0 cm. If the mouse moves 12 cm, find the angular displacement of the ball. Thanks much.
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    Angular Displacement Question!!!

    The ball in a computer mouse is 2.0 cm in diameter. If you move the mouse 12 cm, what is the angular displacement of the ball?
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    Angular rotation question

    Hi, I am massively stuck on the following question and am examined on this stuff soon, could someone please help me? A thin, uniform 15kg post of length 1.75 m is held vertically using a cable attached to the top of the post. A string attached to a 5kg mass passes over a smooth, massles pulley...
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    angular displacement

    Problem: The ball in a computer mouse is 2.0 cm in diameter. If you move the mouse 12 cm what is the angular displacement of the ball? Need help for HW.(Speechless)