1. R

    Angular momentum

    Which of the following does not change in total angular momentum of a system of particle ? Torque due to external force Torque due to inertial force Torque due to gravtiational force Torque due to frictional force
  2. muon321

    Question about angular momentum?

    If a ball was spinning on its own axis at a speed close to that of light, how would you calculate the relativistic mass gained? You couldn't just plug in its velocity because the inner part of the ball has a slower velocity than the outermost part! How would you do this?
  3. muon321

    Angular Momentum

    If I was finding the total energy E of a body, and the body had angular momentum L, and I was using the equation E^2=m^2c^4+p^2c^2, would I just put in the value L for p in the equation, or is p for strictly linear momentum?
  4. K

    Angular Momentum

    So angular momentum of a particle is given by: L = m (r x v) and angular momentum is conserved in the absence of any forces. I want to work in cartesian coordinates and I have a particle rotating around the z axis but not necissarily in the z=0 plane (i.e. dz/dt = 0). How can the angular...
  5. M

    angular momentum

    I am in college taking a physics class and for some reason i am having a problem with these equations so any help would be appreciated. here is the question and where i am with the solutions. a .005 kg bullet traveling horizontally at 1 X 10^3 m/s strikes an 18 kg door imbedding itself 10cm...
  6. A

    Angular momentum again

    A rod with length L and mass M is tied at its ends to two massless ideal strings with length of L/sqrt(2) each. The strings are attached to a nail which is at the middle of a horizontal frictionless table. The rod spins around the nail with angular velocity of w0. At the moment drawn the two...
  7. A

    Another Angular Momentum Prob

    A uniform rod with a length of L=0.6 m and a mass of M=2 kg is connected at its upper end to an axis, and is held at an angle of theta=20 deg. The rod is released from rest, and collides a fully elastic collision with a point mass of m=1 kg which is at rest just at the edge of a table that is at...
  8. A

    The concept of conservation of angular momentum

    I always read that conservation of angular momentum is with respect to an origin of our choice, so if we want to compare the angular momentum of two situations, we have to calculate the angular momentum in these situations with respect to the same origin. However - I've seen in some questions...
  9. A

    angular momentum prob

    Two point masses, with masses of m and 2m, are connected through a string that has a length of L. The two bodies are put on an horizontal frictionless table as in the figure, so that m is at the origin. The body 2m is above it (on the y axis) at a distance of L/2 m. At a certain moment they give...
  10. A

    conservation of angular momentum

    Consider an Earth-like planet hit by an aster- oid. The planet has mass Mp= 2.87 × 1023kg and radius Rp= 5.44 × 106m, and you may approximate it as a solid ball of uniform density. It rotates on its axis once every T = 13 hr. The asteroid has mass Ma = 1.82 × 1017kg and speed va = 38400 m/s...
  11. D

    Angular distribution of diffusely scattered light

    Hey, I recently did a pretty simple experiment to model the angular distribution of diffusely scatter light. I had four different surfaces, two were obviously smooth and two were obviously rough. I use an apparatus shown in the below picture where I used horizontally polarised light...
  12. S

    find angular velocity of system PLEASE!

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data angular acceleration of line a= -2w^2 rad/s when theta=pi/6, w= 10 rad/s what is angular velocity when theta= pi/3? 2. Relevant equations chain rule 3. The attempt at a solution w= e^-2theta is my answer, but I know this is...
  13. S

    Angular Energy and Falling Dominoes

    First of all, hi! I'm new here. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data Rather than a specific problem, my friend and I are doing an Extended Experimental Investigation on the energy transfer of dominoes for our grade 12 assignment. 2. The attempt at a solution...
  14. M

    Angular Velocity

    Hello! I've been stuck on this question all night and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. In the mens hammer throw field event, athletes compete to throw a “Hammer” as far as possible. A “Hammer” consists of a ball of mass 7.257 kg attached to a cable of length 1.215 meters. Athletes...
  15. S

    Angular Frequency Question help need

    The tip of a tuning fork goes through 540 complete vibrations in 0.800s. Find the angular frequency and the period of the motion.
  16. S

    Angular separation of two points

    I need to find the angular separation between two points on the earth's surface. The points are as follows: 40.99N, 44.19E and 22.33N, 114.18E. I have done the maths and got 60.8 degrees. It can't be the case since 114.18-44.19 is already 69.99 degrees. Here's what I did pls tell me what's...
  17. M

    How to make both linear and angular momentum zero

    Hi, I would like to know if anybody has an idea on how to set the velocities of a collection of particles in a way that both total linear and total angular momenta of the collection of particles are zero. Here, first i assign random velocities to the collection of particles. I know how to...
  18. M

    angular motion

    An engine motor accelerates uniformly from rest and attains a speed of 120 rpm in 1 minute. It then maintains that speed for 5 minutes before the brake is applied and it is brought to rest uniformly in 30 seconds: a) Draw an angular velocity vs. time graph for the entire motion b) Hence or...
  19. A

    Interview Q: Angular Motion

    You are a chicken that cannot fly in the center of a circular chicken coop. Farmer joe wants to eat you, but he is lazy and will only catch you if you are at some point on the circumference. Also, he moves at a rate 4 times faster than you along the circumference towards the point you are...
  20. M

    confusion about how to calculate rotations when given angular velocity

    In an example problem the book gives 500 rev/min. It says to solve for the number of revolutions in 5.5s you need to use the formula w=w_o+ \alpha t Why can't one just convert the revolutions into radians/second and multiply that with 5.5s? kind of like x=vt that would be the way to do it by...