1. A

    Circular motion and angle problem

    hello so i got to this circular motion question which is killing me i found part a and b but part c i can't understand how to do... the following picture illustrates the problem and has the problem as well thanks for the help i dont know where to start on part c but i found the velocity of...
  2. K

    Diffraction angle

    I am completely stumped on the following question: Sound exists a diffraction horn loudspeaker through a rectangular opening like a small doorway. Such a loudspeaker is mounted outside on a pole. In winter, when the temperature is 273 K, the diffraction angle θ has a value of 12 degrees...
  3. T

    Projectile Motion Launched at an Angle

    A golf ball is launched from the roof of a school with a velocity of 20 ms at an angle of 30 deg above the horizontal. If the roof is 40m above the ground, calculate a) the ball's time of flight b)the ball's horizontal displacement So for the first question, the example in the book only...
  4. T

    Finding the angle for a bullet to hit a target

    Hi, I'm having trouble with a particular homework problem. A rifle has muzzle velocity 450 m/s. If you're 53.0 m from a target the same height as the rifle, at what angle above the horizontal should you aim in order to hit the target? I tried using the equation one of the tutors gave me...
  5. N

    Force variation with increasing/decreasing distance and angle?

    Practicle/Real Setup: I have a glass screen of length 35" and width 46.5". I have mounted one force sensor at the left top of glass screen and another sensor on the right top of the glass screen. Now, if I press my glass screen from any point on the screen I shall get some force at the left...
  6. M

    maximum angle such that D>0 for projectile.

    This question is killing me I have tried to solve it each night of everyday for 3 days and I have fallen sleep before doing any progress at each day!! A projectile is thrown from a point P. It moves in such a way that its distance from P is always increasing. Find the maximum angle above the...
  7. N

    Shooting with a cannon (angle horizontal throw)

    I found this equation for horizontal throw with an angle. Is it correct? And are my calculations correct? So we are looking for "s" distance g = 9.8m/s^2 v = 10m/s angle = 30° so it's (10^2*sin2*30)/9.8 = 10,6m? it can't be So if we throw a ball with a velocity 10m/s and at...
  8. Y

    [SOLVED] Maximum speed of a car on a banking angle

    A car goes around a slippery curve. The radius of the curvature is R, the banking angle with respect to the horizontal is theta and the coefficient of static friction is μ. I need to find the max speed that the car can have without slipping. Could someone please check my work and tell me if...
  9. G

    Force pushes and pulls two blocks at an angle

    A force of 23.52 N pushes and pulls to blocks as shown in the figure below. The vertical contact surfaces between the two blocks are frictionless. The contact between the blocks and the horizontal surface has a coefficient of friction of 0.29. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 What is the...
  10. S

    Could someone please help me find the optimum angle here?

    First of all, the optimum angle is 45° only when the height of launch is equal to that of landing (which is clearly not the case here). In order to find the optimum angle, I unsuccessfully (because there's so much algebra, I lose focus and then make a mistake) try the following: Using these two...
  11. W

    Projectile Motion Problem

    I am going over practice exam questions before my mechanics exam and I cant solve this question everytime I try to solve this I cant as im not sure about the first step to take as I would usually solve in the y direction to find the time taken but I struggle trying to find a figure for the...
  12. A

    Positive/Negative Angle

    Hey guys. Lets say I have the following system How can I tell which angle is positive and which one is negative? Is there a rule? Thanks a lot.
  13. R

    Propagation of errors and refractor dip angle

    Please help me with partial differentiation with the propagation of errors. I need to find the error in A where B, U, D are all independent variables, for this equation A = (1/2)*arcsin(B/U)-(1/2)*arcsin(B/D) FYI, A is the dip angle, B is velocity in layer 1, D is the down velocity and U is the...
  14. S

    What angle should the banked curve be?

    Question: "A civil engineer wishes to redesign a curved roadway in such a way that the car will not have to rely on friction to round the curve without skidding. In other words, a car moving at the designated speed can negotiate the curve even when it is covered completely with ice! Suppose the...
  15. M

    what angle will the rope break?

    Walking by a pond, you find a rope attached to a tree limb 5.2 m off the ground. You decide to use the rope to swing out over the pond. The rope is a bit frayed but supports your weight. You estimate that the rope might break if the tension is 80 N greater than your weight. You grab the rope at...
  16. S

    Find the angle of a block sliding down the hypotenuse of a triangle

    Question: "The velocity of a 1.10 kg block sliding down a frictionless inclined plane is found to be 1.45 m/s. 1.50 s later, it has a velocity of 5.35 m/s. What is the angle of the plane with respect to the horizontal?" My work is attached. (DNE stands for "Does not exist" - I used that for...
  17. G

    Find angle of refraction

    Light in air is incident on a glass surface at 30°. If the refractive index is 1 .55 find the angle of refraction. Explain what is meant by the critical angle and calculate it for this glass. Stuck on this. Help please Thanks c= 3x10^8 ms
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Angle :(

    You are flying in a light airplane spotting traffic for a radio station. Your flight carries you due east above a highway. Landmarks below tell you that your speed is 52.0 relative to the ground and your air speed indicator also reads 52.0 . However, the nose of your airplane is pointed...
  19. B

    Object being pulled at an angle

    A car is traveling up a hill that is inclined at an angle θ above the horizontal. Determine the ratio of the magnitude of the normal force to the weight of the car when (a) θ = 18o and (b) θ = 34o. I separated the forces into their x and y components: x: Friction = -friction applied...
  20. Paul46

    Finding correct angle for equal tension

    Finding equal tension A 4m length of steel girder is hung horizontally by steel cable each end, the left end is f1 the right end is f2. The steel girder has a mass of 20 kg, 1m from f1 there is a 80 N force hanging down. F2 cable is positioned 30 degree's from the horizontal with a force in the...