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    Please help solve

    Hi all, I don't understand physics but I need a bit of help solving these equation. I'm sure it's a piece of cake to those who understand :) Thank you! 1. A penguin starting from rest slides down a hill with uniform acceleration. It travels 10m in first 5s. When will the penguin have the...
  2. L

    Power required to accelerate

    A body of mass m moves up a plane inclined at an angle "theta" to the horizontal. What is the power required by the body for it to have an acceleration "a" when its instantaneous velocity is v? My idea is that the power required = power to overcome the body's weight + power to accelerate...
  3. J

    Apparent unruh radiation paradox

    What happens if you accelerate hard enough to produce a stable unruh particle with mass, ie an electron and then catch it and stop accelerating? Unruh radiation is only supposed to exist from the frame of reference of accelerating observers. From my understanding, unruh and Hawking radiation can...
  4. Y

    Acceleration and Velocity

    i need help i dont understand this at all!!!
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    Question about relationship between Acceleration and Electric Potential

    Hi everyone. Im a Engineering student and i having doubts about this question: "What is the acceleration vector a(x,y,z) of a particle of mass m0 and charge q0 when there is a Potential vector V(x,y,z) = c0 x3 c1 + x-5 y5 z4 where 'c0' and 'c1' are constants." Well I started with the...
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    general uniform acceleration question

    If an object is in uniform circular motion, can it be assumed that there will be no net force in the vertical direction (aka no net forces for the y component)?
  7. H

    how do i find force of friction without μ or acceleration

    I need to find the static and kinetic coefficient of a desk for a physics lab. we have pulleys, string, a scale, a "car" and a few other things. How would I find the force of friction?
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    angular acceleration

    Hi :) I need some help with this: The grinding disc of a grinding machine starts from a rest and has a constant angular acceleration for the first 10 rotations. a) It uses 0.87 s on its second rotation. how long does it use on the first rotation? Her i found out that it use 0.62s on...
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    Acceleration contradiction?

    Let there be three inertial frames, F0, F1 and F2. F1 is moving in the negative x direction relative to F0 with speed V = sqrt(3)/2 * c. F2 is moving in the positive x direction relative to F0 with speed V = sqrt(3)/2 * c. In frame F1 there are two BB pellets at rest spaced 10 meters apart...
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    x=50-15t+t^2 and there are questions a)what is the first/initial coordinate b)what is the initial speed c)what is the Acceleration d)find velocity when t=3 m/sec e)find coordinate when t=3 m/sec f)find At what moment of time coordinate equals 0 g)Write the equation of velocity on time so i...
  11. H

    Laws of Motion: Recoil Acceleration?

    Hi everyone, I have NO CLUE how to even start this problem! Please help! If a 1100kg artillery shell is fired from a 100,000kg battleship with an acceleration of 2000m/s^2, then what is the recoil acceleration of the ship?
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    Homework Question

    Just needed help on this, if anyone could get me the answer on it that would be awesome. Pretend you are standing on top of a tall building and you decide to throw a water balloon down to the sidewalk. If you throw the water balloon with an initial velocity of 12 m/s and the building is 20 m...
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    Box w/ horizontal force up incline w/ friction

    Alright, I have spent the last 9 hours trying to figure out how on earth I am supposed to determine the horizontal force in this problem. I've got to be missing something obvious. I know that the answer to...
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    Acceleration depending on angle

    Hello all again I tried to solve this problem but i failed , could any one help me to solve it ? i will be so thankful . Best regards Razi
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    Homework regarding relation between friction and velocity/acceleration. Just need my

    Hi there. Our teacher gave us a table related to friction and velocity/acceleration. It basically gives a single scenario, and we're required to figure out which force is stronger (pulling force vs. friction) and which direction the object will go (left, right, up the slope, down the slope)...
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    Acceleration of a wedge

    Problem A wedge with mass M rests on a frictionless horizontal tabletop. A block with mass m is placed on the wedge. There is no friction between the block and the wedge. The system is released from rest. Calculate the acceleration of the wedge. Included diagrams What I Tried I know...
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    Acceleration of Blocks on an inclined plane

    Problem The figure below shows a block of mass m1 sliding on a block of mass m2. The inclined surface is fixed, and the angle of the incline is θ. All surfaces are frictionless Find the acceleration of each block and the tension in the string that connects the blocks Attempt at a solution...
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    AP Acceleration Problems

    I have been stuck on these two questions for roughly an hour now. I'm not quite sure which formula to use to find the answer. The questions are: 1. A car starts from rest at position x0=6.2m and accelerates to 11m/s in 4.0s. What is its position at the end of the acceleration? 2. How much time...
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    Vertical displacement

    Hi, Currently working on a problem and I'm very lost, no detail in the lesson text on how to do it. Any help is appreciated. A spring is launched at 2.3m/s at an angle of 78 degrees to the ground. What is the maximum height reached by the spring? First I find the vertical velocity...