1. F

    Absolute air humidity in a hot motor compartments

    Hello, I have a real-life thermodynamics problem for which I would like your help for understanding. Let's say today is a hot humid day, with 30 °C and 80% relative humidity, what means that the absolute humidity of air will be about 24 g/m^3 (according to Michell Humidity Calculator). Now, I...
  2. K

    Is space time curvature and absolute concept?

    Seeing we hear gravity warps space and time and now it seems even a rotating disk seems to warp the circumference of the disk relative to the radius and wondering whether an observer rotating with the centre of the disk would see this cirumcumference contraction; So would these...
  3. avito009

    Can absolute zero temperature be reached?

    The third law of thermodynamics states: An absolute zero temperature cannot be reached. Temperature is a measurement of the average speed of the molecules of a substance. Try as we might, we cant get molecular motion to completely stop. So does that mean at absolute zero temperature the...
  4. H

    The proof that the absolute reference frame does exist.

    Let’s think about a logical example: When somebody ask you how many people (whom you know) love you, you will easily be confused. But if you were asked how many of them you love, it will be much easier for you to answer. This example implies a physical aspect: we can not count how many...
  5. S

    Absolute temperature

    why we called the absolute temperature.?and also tell me why we not use degree with kelvin as we use degree centegrade why we cant use degree kelvin plz answer my following queries plz reply as fast as u can plzzzzz
  6. A

    Determining absolute pressure

    Hi all. I have a question but I think the question is not worded very well from the author. Question. A large chamber is seperated into compartments 1 and 2, the chambers have seperate different value pressures inside. Each chamber has a pressure gauge attached. Chamber 1 gauge reads 400...
  7. O

    absolute motion

    I've read that the great scientist Gallellio was punished by the Church coz he had said that earth moves round the sun.Now we know that there is nothing in absoute rest and motion is relative. Can I say that the Church was right?