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please help determine the pressure

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the African continent and rises to a height of
approximately 5900m above sea level.Take the gas constant to be 287 J/kg K and the temperature
lapse rate to be 0.0065 K/m.
It is known that altitude sickness can occur to human beings when the absolute pressure of the
atmosphere drops below 75 kPa.Determine if normal human beings can scale half of the mountain
without feeling uncomfortable if the pressure and temperature at ground level is 101 kPa and 25C
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At sea level, P = 101 kPa, T = (25+273) = 298 K

At half the height of Kilimanjaro, you have the height = 5900/2 = 2950 m = 2.95 km. Find the temperature at this altitude.

Then, with the other information given, I don't think that the gas constant will be of any use, unless there is something more.

Just use the ideal gas equation.

PV = nRT

Initial conditions, P1, V1, T1, n1, R. Assuming density of air is constant, n1 and V1 is constant.

Giving: P1/T1 = k (where k is the constant nR/V)

And at half the mountain up, P2/T2 = k

Hence, we get P1/T1 = P2/T2


P1T2 = P2T1
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determine, pressure

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