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Dust Collection - Static Pressure/CFM

So I am looking to create my own dust collection system for my wood working shop and I have found a blower that states to have high static pressure (16 inches) with 1700 CFM flow rate (XPower BR-292A Blower). I intend to use this blower to function as a dust collection system (i.e. heavy air flow to collect dust) as well as a shop vac (i.e. high suction power to pick up nails or what have you on the shop floor).

From my research it seems that the CFM would be adequate for the dust collection and the 16" of static pressure should be sufficient to pick up whatever I need to on the floor. This is why I want to create my own...to get the best of both worlds. I plan to pull the air through a cyclone type separator if it matters.

Link to the suspect blower:

My question is actually several fold as well as some general advice as this is not my educational background.

1) Is it safe to assume that the static pressure of a fan to blow (as stated by the manufacturer) would have to be equal to the static pressure that is would suck (intended use as a vacuum).

2) Am I missing something between the relationship to CFM and static pressure. I feel like I have found the best of both worlds...but I am afraid I have overlooked some aspect of this.

3) If I reduce the intake of the blower to say 4" (not sure what the current diameter of the intake is, but lets say it is bigger...like 6" or so) what would the impact on the blower and suction power?

4) What am I missing? Thoughts on this idea being viable?
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