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robertbarns Oct 5th 2014 09:33 PM

Head Loss in a Tank Problem
I'm currently having trouble with a problem in my fluids class and it pertains to head loss in a humidifier

"Water collects in a tank and when full the weight of the water shuts the unit off. Optionally the tank can be connected to some sort of drain to avoid the repeated task of emptying. This tank is connected to a new clean plastic drain hose. The tank does not drain well and once bubbles are in the hose the flow stops. Lifting the tank a certain height will restart the flow however the blockage will reoccur.

Calculate values for
blockage pressure, necessary head for the flow to be reliable.

Any explanation, even partial, would be a huge help, thank you.

ChipB Oct 6th 2014 01:33 AM

You don't have enough information here to solve anything - do they tell what the pressure is that's required to dislodge the bubbles? Also, not knowing how advanced this course is - are you studying fluid friction in pipes (i.e. use of Reynolds number)?

robertbarns Oct 6th 2014 04:51 PM

Hey Chip, thanks for the response

All we are given are the dimensions of the tank and the opening.
The tank is connected to a new clean plastic drain hose inside diameter, 6 in length.
The head between tank level and drain outlet is 10.
Lifting the tank so the head is at least 24 will restart the flow

This is a university level Fluids class so we do have knowledge of Reynolds numbers and the like

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