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Quantum fields

You have stated that quantum field exists in all of free space but how is that possible since these are quantums that have a discrete structure; therefore, in the spaces between the particles (quantum) it would be empty which cannot be depicted as existing in all of free space. Also, you made a statement regarding my knowledge of the facts of physics but I am willing to have an open and friendly discussion with anyone one numerous topics of physics which I believe would take lots of knowledge and refined skill. Furthermore, you implied that I somehow I (wa) am lacking in knowledge and that you know more about the physical reality which maybe true if you know anything about circuit (if you can fix a TV you are a superior being since I have only conquer light of a Led light source and batteries) but isn't quantum theory a theory an unproven idea. So your tone that suggest that your opinions regarding quantum theory (not how to fix a TV) have more validity then mine are unfair and unsubstantiated since everything is part of a theory (unproven idea). I hope that you do not take these comments personally since you probably did not invent quantum theory but if you did it is still a theory that many people built. So please mellow out and have a nice and friend discussion an learn to agree to disagree. Everyone should have the ability to express their thought without being intimidated since are you educated are you not?
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Also, what direction is this field that exist in all of free space propagating or is it propagating? Also, is this celestial field oscillating? Is this another unproven theory that someone invented out of air or more likely space. Plus, is this field structure expanding?

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Tell you what. You study some QFT and we'll talk.

Thread closed.

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