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My own take on Big Bang/Big Bounce idea, looking for criticism etc...

I am brand new to this forum, so I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section/already a thread made for this question.

Anyways, I will say it now that I have no formal physics education whatsoever, and I do not stay up on the current accepted terms for such subjects, nor am I readily familiar with the mathematics involved. I am simply a thinker.


As far as I know, a widely accepted theory states that our universe is expanding from a supermassive "ball" of whatever may have been. They (physicists) have also theorized the possibility that whatever our universe is currently expanding away from, may very well be a previously collapsed form of a perhaps similar universe to our own. This is where I stray from other people's theories and go with this thought...

Observers have concluded (or so I believe) that supermassive black holes contain within them, at their very center (this may not be the correct word), a singularity containing billions of tons of matter per square inch. A singularity that seems (to me) to sound somewhat similar to what our universe is expanding from.

Physicists have also theorized the existence of "parallel/alternate universes". Universes possibly accessible by warping the fabric of timespace in ways unimaginable.

My idea (too loosely based to call a theory) is that perhaps our universe did NOT result from a previous universe collapsing then re-expanding, but rather it was created by collection.
Collection of a source with a gravitational force powerful enough to gather matter/antimatter/particles etc. from a universe, packaging it up ever so conveniently, and hand delivering it to our current place of residence. (pardon my analogies)

In short, black hole collects massive amounts of matter, including light, compacts it, SOMEHOW transcends the timespace barrier into a vacant existence, expands, and suddenly you have a universe.
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My reaction...I see some technical issues. One black hole wouldn't
collect enough energy in its' lifetime to "leak out" a new universe.
According to your view, this might imply that several, or all, of our
blackholes, lead into only a few other "universe babies". Another
problem is that if this is true, what signals off the beginning of the
new universe? What makes it go "bang"?
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