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The increase in speed and increasing the acceleration of reactor power of the spacecr

To download

Author : Mohammadreza Tabatabaei
Source : http://ki2100.com/english/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=47:th e-increase-in-speed-and-increasing-the-acceleration-of-reactor-power-of-the-spacecraft-is&catid=35:relativity&Itemid=54
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Thanks for the link. But can you use the eqns of special relativity along with acceleration?
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That paper has an error in it. The expression

F = ma

is incorrect if the force is in the same direction the body is moving. E.g. if you have a body moving in the +x direction then

$\displaystyle F_x = \gamma^3m_0a_x$

The derivation of this expression is here
Longitudinal and Transverse Mass

What you have in your paper is

$\displaystyle F_x = \gamma m_0a_x$

which is wrong.

I can read more if you'd like but what you've been trying to calculate has already been rigorously been done. See

Even if a rocket has constant acceleration in its own frame of reference it will never reach the speed of light. That calculation is also well known. See

Uniform acceleration occurs when a charged particle is placed in a uniform electric field. In the particle's rest frame the force is a constant so the acceleration is uniform. Such a particle can never reach the speed of light.

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