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Stephen Hawking and Black Hole.

The reasoning of Hawking that there existed no time before the big bang made me think if time didn't exist before creation of the universe then our universe could be created out of a black hole.

Time slows near a gravitational field and in a black hole gravity is infinite meaning infinite time taken to reach the event horizon for an object. Which could be seen as no time existing.

A scenario where time didn't exist could be a black hole. So how do we link this almost no time existence and the creation due to big bang?
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There are definitely parallels between black-holes and the big-bang,
Stephen Hawking followed these parallel lines of thought in much of his ideas about black-holes and the Big-Bang.

However physics theories all break down prior to the crucial point.

This leads to a plethora of ideas linking black-holes and the big-bang
(for example black holes budding off new universes)

However, these are just ideas (not theories) and so far none of these ideas can be sensibly linked into the generally accepted existing Physics theory.
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