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avito009 Jan 11th 2018 09:52 AM

I will explain my latest research in easy way. If you observe Einstein says objects move in a straight line and that path appears to be curved or a geodesic due to curvature of spacetime here if we observe at normal speeds this shows that object travels in straight line and according to newtons first law it should also have constant velocity which under normal speeds is not true so we use newton model but at high speeds precisely the speed of light the newtons first law is satisfied since an object moves in a straight line at constant speed which is c the speed of light since nothing moves faster than the speed of light there cant be acceleration so here newtons first law is proved and this proves that gravity is not a force satisfying the definition of newtons first law. Einsteins model works only in case of high speeds precisely the speed of light.

Does this simplification help?

kiwiheretic Jan 11th 2018 10:31 AM

Not quite. At low speeds Newton and low gravity Einstein pretty much agrees with Newton. As the gravity gets stronger or speeds get close to that of light Einstein rohjt and Newton's formulas fail.

avito009 Jan 11th 2018 07:11 PM

Conclusion and findings.
That is precisely what i am saying.

Conclusion of the research: Hypothesis is that general relativity is exact at high speeds. By taking the p values this proves false.

By the above analysis i proved that people say newtons theory of gravity is an approximate one and general relativity is precise at high speeds.

My research proves that general relativity is also approximate at high speeds it is only precise at specifically the speed of light.

Should i go about with this research PMB?

avito009 Jan 11th 2018 11:35 PM

This also resolves my earlier doubt where I said that it was correct Einstein proved gravity obeys F=ma and is a fictitious force and he has to disprove the first law of newton and as I can see his theory disproves the newtons first law also from the above analysis but it is at high speeds and most accurate at the speed of light.

avito009 Jan 12th 2018 09:20 PM

Further Findings.
Also scope for further study would be: As per the above analysis newtons first law is proved correct and it is established that Gravity is not a force according to the definition but this requires an object to travel at the speed of light.

So further study could be to establish a relationship between the fact that at the speed of light when newtons first law is proved and proved that gravity is a fictitious force and the fact that general relativity is exactly precise at the speed of light.

Simple words: Is general relativity precise at speed of light due to the fact that it is a fictituous force proved when first law of newton is proved?

Thus proving the basis of the fact that newtons model of gravity works at normal speeds and einsteins general relativity at high speeds. But what is the relationship of the precise measurement to the fact that gravity is a fictituous force?

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