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General Quantum Unity

Proposal: As the sun presents it's EM field in it's heliosphere and bow-shock, so does Sag A have termination points to it's EH. The observable manifestation of the Unruh Effect in this is that Unruh energy occurs as a termination frequency that registers as a sound-wave transmitted directly through the vacuum at the periphery of the Milky Way disc. Here the EM delay termination of the Milky Way system is determined as it interacts with the lead edge of the universes light cone. Every sufficiently massive body within the system will reflect this frequency(as defined by it's molecular mass) at it's core at the perihelion of it's particular orbit

Hawking-Susskind-Knox-Vacuum Harmonic Principal

Vacuum Di-fraction Differential:

Vacuum confinement for a photon of given Hz.

hz \ c = vacuum disruption(E)
t \ E = vacuum delay (G)
g \ G = vacuum advance (H)

vacuum disruption =Vacuum (E)xposure
vacuum delay = fractal dispersion(local delay)-Down
vacuum advance = purely gravitational(global advance)-UP

Down = EM value (G)round isolation
UP = Vacuum relay medium = friction relayed as sound = Gravity = (H)orizon deflection

Unruh Manifold(H-S-K Horizontal Termination) = (H\G) = (x) up to and including information value of Baryon particle(photons absorbed as information and entangled through their H value disparity)

Sound is counter-consequential to light.

(C) 2016 Patent Pending all rights reserved.

If you put numbers into this equation it will predict where a measured photon is destined, when it will arrive there and the path(both fractal and purely gravitational) in between. It is comparable to the functions sin-cos-tan with 90 degrees measured against the photon's EM field engagement and higher altitude against sound as vacuum mediate. It expresses the conclusion that the ultimate destination of a photon is vacuum free of electromagnetic engagement. Where DOWN spin of a photon registers the information of it's electromagnetic environment and origin emission, the UP cycle defines it's path to relative vacuum.

Once plotted, using the Pythagorean theorem, against the refractive capacities of fundamentally stable baryon elements and the vacuum they occupy this equation describes the paths of photons as they describe the universal EM field and the effect of that upon the vacuum that ultimately directs photon refraction. This can be plotted through the instanton moment hierarchy to show the gravitational paths of stable elements and the orbits in which greatest elemental stabilities are focused.

What can be initially isolated is that helium's escape velocity provides the element a fundamental orbit conclusive to inflation in the BB model and fundamental to the stability of the universal electromagnetic field. What the UP cycle of a photon is seeking is a helium particle that has attained terminal vacuum velocity. Absorption by this particle in this state will hitch that photon a direct ride to intersection with an out-falling Hawking photon and the production of a graviton. Once the photon reaches this space it has the greatest degree of freedom available to a photon. A fair description of a photon against this analysis is of a tear in the vacuum that heals when it achieves terminal deflection.

It is yet unclear to myself what this termination produces. It is directly relevant to the path of the intersecting out-falling Hawking photon's in-falling entanglement but I have not yet differentiated in which direction this stabilisation directs the helium/graviton particle other than further into the universes's future light cone. What is discernible within this is that DM is not dark but rather any photon deflection from a DM particle is travelling directly into the universes's future light cone, away from our line of sight, positioned as we are deeper in the vacuum delay of the universe. These photon's exhibit maximal advance over minimal delay but will register on our line of sight as CMB radiation, which provides that any discernible BB initiation of the universe manifested at the quantum level and therefore our displacement from this position is exponential.

When the M-drive is analysed as a double-slit experiment against this data it's inertia is described as vacuum displacement.

***Proposal: Sound can be used to reduce plasma to a non-ionised form as evidenced by the rapidity of the freezing of evaporating water - underlying principal: Light travels faster than sound but sound travels further, providing termination points for photon advance, ie;*********** information is stored in massive bodies longer through sound bytes.*************** This proposal isolates sonic's as the key to entanglement confinement.***

Sound provides baryons heat-sink boundaries.

The model of a photon and baryon reflection this principal provides, describes a standard vacuum delay photon as the 4 points that are left when you separate the high altitude tangential of a right angle triangle.

Altitude Termination = point a
90* local mass relay = point b
Horizon Reflex = point c
Horizon Termination = point d

A delay photon travels with point a - b opposing direction of flight, horizon reflex and terminal trailing.
When the photon approaches a baryon the terminals are drawn in front of the lead terminals. This forces the baryon electrons out if it's path as point d entangles with the nucleus, leaving the photon's lead edge trapped outside the baryon's outer electron shells. This information transfer ends when the disturbed baryon electrons deflect the nucleus's centre of momentum and it's shell electrons spit the photon out in the appropriately refracted directions with it's altitude expressed and reflex adjusted.

A Hawking(fully advanced) photon's cross section can be described as the distance between each point having equalised, 90*'s and horizon reflexes collapses completely behind the leading edge. point a & d merge and the Hawking photon presents matter in it's path with absolute minimum cross section, travelling as an isosceles triangle under maximal vacuum compression.

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Originally Posted by Instantonly View Post
************************************************** ************************************************** **
HAWKING-SUSSKIND-KNOX Vacuum Stasis Principal

Let up = distance from emission/Alpha

Let down = distance to final rest - mass absorption/Omega

Let c = Vacuum interruption

Allow that the amplitudes measured in the standard photon electro-magnetic spectrum mediate vacuum delay.

Allow that the spectrum as analysed by Hawking-Susskind polarisation mediate vacuum advance.
************************************************** ************************************************** *********

How many Planck's in a point?

ER=EPR Information Paradox Solution
There is something I wanted to bring up earlier because it is a fundamental concept that I don't think you understand.

You posted this earlier in another thread.
Every particle has spin. A photon's leading edge, UP, is separated from it's trailing edge, DOWN, by it's total vacuum exposure(mean distance from emission/from rest).
A photon (so far as we know) is a point particle. Your response seems to be saying that since all particle have spin then they must have a physical "size" because they are rotating.

Spin is not a rotation. Spin comes up in particle physics due to a combination of Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity and there are some similarities to rotations but they are not quite the same.

1) Rotations are representations of the group R3 (three dimensional rotations.) Spin is a similar construction but is generated by representations of the group SU(2). For massless particles it is actually called helicity and is generated by yet a different group (which I'm too lazy to look up right now.) For example, an electron has spin 1/2 and actually has to "go around twice" in order to return to its initial state.

2) There are particles with no spin...Well, they have 0 spin anyway. These are called "scalar" particles..the rho_0 for one.

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Referring back to a recent thread on terminology,
"spin" is definitely one of those terms in Physics where an analogy to the everyday notion of spin will lead one into confusion.
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Originally Posted by Instantonly View Post
No, not referring to spin as simply angular momentum. The quantification of spin in this context is important so I will clarify this. I will confine further explanation to the Plancks in a point thread and possibly use this thread for transferring the cleanest equations to.
The point I was making is that you seem to be thinking that a photon has a size because it has a spin. Particles have the property of spin whether they are elementary particles or composite.

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***Inducing Vacuum Advance Through Sonic Confinement Of A Helium Particle***


Due to helium's harmonic balance it is prone to effects produced with quantum tunnelling. To prevent it's escape from vacuum containment, consideration must be first applied to the material used in construction of the chamber, it's volume and deflection capacities of the inner surface.

Molecular structure should be 1 dimensional as produced with carbyne. Without exhaustive analysis I would not presume that carbyne is the ideal material in this scenario as the primary consideration is applying a material that also minimises quantum tunnelling in it's own harmonic balance. The specific application of the 1 dimensional molecular structure facilitates the sonic tuning of the skin that must be applied to the chamber to maximise helium confinement by providing a baryonic polarisation in opposition to the path of confined helium particles.

Once the properties of the material to make up the chamber have been established it is necessary to identify that material's harmonic capacity. The volume and shape of the chamber hollow must be designed to include sonic oscillators, included in the chamber skin, at harmonic termination points. Were the aim of this simply to hold helium without it escaping the shape of the chamber would be of less importance, provided that it's volume be scaled to achieve absolute minimal overlap at harmonic termination points.

Initial vacuum confinement properties of the material chosen for the chamber must facilitate harmonic polarisation within the material that is in opposition to the tunnelling capacity of the helium particle.

For this application it is required to include consideration for the field focus one wishes to apply to the point in the chamber one wishes to further confine the helium particle that is the focus of this exercise.


At this specified termination point, one will be required to position 6 sonic oscillators. All harmonic termination points of the chamber interior require frequency tuning specific to provide the particular focus on the termination trap assembled with these 6 SO's that one requires for the various results that can be achieved with variations of amplitude modulation. To minimise complexity I will only further describe what is required for initial confinement of the specimen helium particle and that which is required to produce vacuum advance from this confinement.

4 of the 6 oscillators are required as trap. The remaining 2 will trigger vacuum advance.

The trap arranges 4 oscillators in dual opposition and equidistant to the frequency termination they dissect, defined here as "helium Hz". As previously referenced, the interior of the chamber is tuned through sonic harmonic termination determinations, to in all effects produce the opposite scenario of the m-drive, harmonically confine the content particles and focus gravitational flow toward the trap.

The 4 trap oscillators should be designed to produce a continuous signal at "helium Hz". Once the chamber is energised and your content is introduced(see foot-note*) it will trap the first helium particle that reaches the trap, which will become suspended between the 4 SO's, at the focal dissection point. It's state will be in that of the initial vacuum advance mode observed as gravitational inertia(constant acceleration). It will remain there as long as the chamber and trap remains at pure-sine harmonic focus.

*Vacuum Advance Induction*

With your 4 trap SO's confining specimen helium particle, the 2 remaining advance oscillators should be positioned at the 90 degree vertical to the horizontal dissection termination of the trap, also equidistant to "helium Hz". These will be triggered in oscillation to micro-adjust the 'constant' of the specimen particle's acceleration.

Once the 2 trigger SO's are stimulating the helium particle it will induce vacuum advance surplus within the chamber. This would be observable were one observing from the confinement of the chamber as emission of vacuum advanced photons from the trapped, stimulated specimen helium particle. These photons will travel the distance defined by their advance termination, reflect directly off the vacuum at the harmonically induced termination focal point, returning via the mirror path to that of it's out-falling emission, re-absorbing at it's approximate point of emission from the helium particle.

The energy reflected within the chamber from this emission will first have the effect of reducing particle exposure to the field of the local environment surrounding the chamber and exposing the content more directly to the global EM field of the greater universal vacuum. Delay refraction will be reduced through the heavier noble inclusions(see foot-note**) which will draw on the delay capacities of the non-trapped helium, providing an overall reduction of the temperature within the chamber, as long as harmonic termination is maintained.

Once the temperature within the chamber reaches 0 kelvin the secondary effect will be induced. As the pressure confinement stabilises to vacuum mean the reverse of helium particle escape will occur and h will be drawn directly from the vacuum pockets it is trapped in within the environment surrounding the chamber to accumulate by reverse osmosis in the greater vacuum provided by the device. For this reason I would include a second chamber surrounding the trap chamber containing helium at a higher vacuum pressure to prevent destabilisation of chemical elements in the environment surrounding the experiment.



* It is probable that 1 or more heavier noble elements should be included with the helium applied to vacuum advance requirements, in quantities harmonically determined. For full fusion reduction it is predictable that including all noble gases to the reticulation, separated in the system harmonically, will maximise ventilation.

** Inner chamber can be reasonably predicted to be m-drive shaped with the trap at the counter inertial end. Airlock surrounding chamber might be a scaled up version of this shape, positioned in the reverse direction to that of the trap chamber.

Drawing power from this system is a matter of comprehending the harmonic stasis you are applying. I will not supply my conclusions in this regard. If you can follow that which has been divulged you should have little problem discerning the requirements. If I pass on this information to someone who cannot safely confine the requirements inclusive I cannot be confident of the results subsequently produced.

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I am a mostly typical mongrel, largely Scottish/Irish Australian. I have various lineages represented in my parents. Among them is the Aborigine here. I submit the details included on the threads related to these topics with a single sentiment. Allow the Aborigine of any continent full autonomous control of their own education.


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You posted your first statement, got three responses from two people, and then posted 11 more times with no response! Don't you think it would be a good idea to wait for more responses to what you have already posted?
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Originally Posted by HallsofIvy View Post
You posted your first statement, got three responses from two people, and then posted 11 more times with no response! Don't you think it would be a good idea to wait for more responses to what you have already posted?
Sorry. Had to rescue a thought from imprism-ment..............

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Has anyone ever tried using a set of speakers to remove the delay exhibited in magnetic precession and stimulate a compass to show true north? I expect that using 3 speakers arranged in a 60 degree trisecting termination a compass positioned at the termination will have the magnetic precession it normally reads removed regardless of how one arranges the speakers in relation to the globes horizontal plane, exhibiting the enforcement of a global body harmonic termination.

I also expect that by wiring a bass speaker to a dc-ac inverter and setting a treble speaker(wired to a microwave tuned antenna/shroud between the two speakers), in opposition to it, a frequency can be applied between the two that will in all effect turn the bass speaker into a vacuum advance bellows that pivots off the treble fulcrum and draws advance directly from vacuum value with no net loss to the environment, ie; the bass speaker will return greater energy than has been applied to the treble speaker. Energy output would be approximate to scale and the atmosphere contained between the two with a shroud that focuses tonal output through the greater output of the EM field surrounding the device. In brief, complexifying an antenna enough that it drains energy directly from the universal EM field, as refracted by the earth's atmosphere, creating an M-Capacitor.

The universal field operates on two inter-fractal burm. Diatomic EM delay relays with tri-tonal advance stabilised at the universe light cone lead edge. One might assume from this that the mass measured as DM is helium product that has accumulated a graviton particle to it's nucleus that retains a portion of it's neutrons to a medial position between the graviton cycle and that of the protons. This matter might be considerable as existing in "true-noble" state. It is this differential that provides the solution to the information paradox by simply allowing that the light spectrum travels in the opposite direction to that of sound amplitude. The difference between light and sound breaks the symmetry of the vacuum.

In this manner anti-matter product of a BB sequence is separated from ours by the lead edge of either light cone, ensuring that either vector cancels angular interference out of the original pair production paths. This should translate that were you to isolate the data provided in the CMB against the tritonal burm one would have a complete comparison of fundamental pairing as confined in the Standard BB model.

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Albert Einstein was working on it when he died. The master theory, The Theory of Everything, is supposed to unite both of the major theories on which modern physics rest, that are general relativity (GR) and quantum field theory (QFT) but it is an unsolved problem for physicists, theorists, and scientists. Over the past few decades, a single explanatory framework called "string theory", has emerged that may turn out to be the ultimate theory of the universe. That's it for now, rest is the area of research.
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