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Understanding the Uncertainty principle

Hi everybody,
I was reading about the Uncertainty principle and I came across the statement: "the position-space wavefunction of a minimum-uncertainty state is a Gaussian. Indeed, because it’s a minimum-uncertainty state, its momentum-space wavefunction is also a Gaussian." Unfortunately it was stated without any mathematical proof or diagrams so I am a bit puzzled!
Also, what does it mean exactly that: "The first energy level of a system is minimum uncertainty." My guess it that it means for lower energies the uncertainty in the energy is minimum. However, due to the quantized nature of the energy levels, how is it possible to be uncertain about the energy of a particle?

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Perhaps Dan or Chip have better ideas by my guess is.

Note that the first statement refers to one expression of the UP
That of momentum and position.

The second statement refers an alternative expression that of energy and time, and is simply observing that given more than one available energy state, the time of a particle being in that state is uncertain.

More context might produce a better answer.

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A minimum-uncertainty state is one in which σ x σ p = ℏ 2 σxσp=ℏ2, where σ x σx is the uncertainty in position and σ p σp is the uncertainty in momentum. ℏ / 2 ℏ/2 is the smallest possible value for the product of uncertainties in position and momentum by the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. I don't know if every minimum-uncertainty state is a gaussian, but it is certainly true that gaussians are minimum-uncertainty states.
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The minimum uncertainty refers to the product: σxσp=ℏ/2, as stated above by Lucas SV. There is no uncertainty in energy in a stationary state, as the energy is known exactly.

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