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OnCollisionEnter inconsistent - how does it work exactly?


I always thought I knew how the OnCollision functions worked - after all I did my research. But I ran into some weird issue in a recent project of mine. First of all, I'm using Unity 2017.1 if that's relevant, in case this is a known issue regarding this particular release.

Now in order for collision events to trigger, one of the colliding objects needs a non-kinematic rigidbody attached, right? - emphasis on "one of the objects". I gave my player objects a non-kinematic rigidbody (freezing position and rotation, as I control them manually) and these players check for bullet collisions using OnCollisionEnter. The bullets don't have any rigidbodies attached.

Now, I noticed that when I shoot bullets at a player (that isn't even moving at all), the bullets, regardless of how fast they move, sometimes hit the player, and sometimes don't. As if it was random. As soon as I attach a rigidbody to the bullets too, however, the collisions work consistently.

I've never attached rigidbodies to both colliding objects before, and so far that's always worked out for me, but in this case it didn't. Am I missing something?

The player had a box collider, the bullet a sphere collider and the fixed timestep was 0.02 if I remember correctly. I'd really like some insight as to why this happens. Hope someone has the answer
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