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Man's ability and computer

We can compare the number between man and computer. Each unit is the calculation by computer. So when each unit is counting together, we can think to change the amount of all possible counting number at once and each step for unit. So when computer is working as number, it is impossible for computer to catch man's ability as it is more than counting. So thinking is not existing in computer and it means perfectly zero. And zero means we can prove that computer is not existing and it is just for man to work for us.
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Look, I appreciate the comments for discussion but you are really hard to understand. Most of the post above can't be understood. Please find a way to communicate more clearly!

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One could read this post as touching upon some of the most profound philosophical questions about what it is to be self-aware, how free-will can arise in a deterministic universe, and if it is possible for a highly sophisticated computer system to be self-aware and, by extension, have free will.
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In a purely deterministic universe, there can be no free will, and many argue that this is in fact the case and that free will is an illusion.
I personally find it hard to square the fact of of my own self-awareness with this rigidly deterministic view.
There are definite experimental indications that, at a fundamental level, the universe is probabilistic. For example, it is fundamentally impossible to precisely define the path of a photon through a double slit, the point at which it will strike the screen can only be defined as a probability.
However, on the other side, if free will exists, it requires that our thought processes include some mechanism that can influence the probability of a given outcome. It is difficult to imagine how such a process could operate within the boundaries of physics as they are currently defined.
By extension, one could argue that the clearly deterministic operation of (current) computer systems means they could not have free-will (which I would suggest also means they could not be self aware).
Could it be supposed that if complex quantum computers become a reality, this faculty might become possible for them?

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