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Question theory physics

hi.this is Dina.could you please explain me the theoretical physics and how to go to this field.what is its future job and salary.market job.if you could help me i would be so thankful
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To be come a theorectical physicist, you should probably go for the PhD degree, as this will allow (sometimes, with time) for the biggest salary. Also, with a PhD degree you would be able to become a professor or researcher. This work is very "chilled out". Honestly, that what I hope to do. Imagine getting paid good to do something you love.
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It is nice to see that you are interested in physics enough to think of a career in it.

Theoretical physics could broadly be said to be an attempt to explain natural phenomena in terms of known laws of physics, and when we are unable to do so, to modify them or replace them by more general laws.

It enables predictions to be made which can be further verified by experiment. Thus both theoretical and experimental physics go hand in hand, each complementing and egging on the other. This invariably gives rise to new technology with its benefits.

Of late however interest in pure sciences seems to be sadly dwindling.
This is rather unfortunate. In the 1920's when people were neck deep in quantum theory,they were laughed at and called "eggheads".However most of the technology we see around us today,be it computers, lasers etc. are spin offs of quantum mechanics.

One must also remember the contributions from great mathematicians which have gone a long way in helping us understand nature better.

Thus i feel there is a great need for people who need to know just for the sake of knowing.

You should choose whatever appeals to you most and develop the required skills in it . For theoretical physics you need to be well grounded in math (all kinds of it) so make sure you develop sufficient mathematical muscle. A lot of computational techniques are also used, so skills in that direction also will be of great use.

Keep visiting the forum it wil help you a lot.

As Deco pointed out you will need to get your Phd.

And here's to hoping Deco's goal is achieved soon. I can see a lot of students benefiting.

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