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OK my example was not apt. What i mean is that if the aircraft manufacturer ensured that the doors don't open when in flight, no one could jump off could they? This curtailment of excessive freedom itself is an act of love don't you think?
I find it really difficult to subscribe to the view that GOD created so that He would be worshipped or feared, that not doing so would lead to ruin and eternal damnation.This speaks of a kind of selfishness even a trace of which i cant believe exists in GOD who is unconditional love which doesnt expect anything in return, nor sets up things such that ruin is ensured for those who do not.
The underworld or Mafia too operate on fear and insistence on loyalty etc and are certainly are not worthy of worship.

Would you agree to punishing all future generations for some crime which the parents comitted however heinous?. No country which can even have a slight claim to just rule can even dream of enacting such a law.

How then can then we attribute such a thing to GOD saying everybody is a sinner just because the parents were?

If while travelling you happen to see a a beautiful sight and you nudge your neighbour so that he too can see it, you are only sharing your joy and happiness and dont expect anything in return. If he doesen't look, he misses it but does not suffer.

GOD is infinite joy and beauty. Creation to share this, so that others who dont exist at that point can also come to experience this later seems more apt a moitve to attribute to GOD if at all we can attribute any motive whatsoever.
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Who created God?

If God wasn`t created, why not save a step and say the universe was never created, it was always there.

What makes the Bible more credible than a fairy tale?

When you answer a question with the word God, it is repugnant, as it doesn`t increase your knowledge.
"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws." -Mayer Amschel Rothschild

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Originally Posted by Deco View Post
Who created God?
Reread post #11.
What makes the Bible more credible than a fairy tale?
How many fairy tales are used by achaeologists?

Discussions like this really belong in a relgion forum, not a philosophy of physics forum. Especially once you start referring to the Bible. Then it goes from philosophy of physics to religion.
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I agree with Pmb. We better stop here before it gets too far. So, to each his own.
To each his own.
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Thread closed.
If the problem is too hard just let the Universe solve it.
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