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'We Are Ready For One Of The Most Exciting Missions': ISRO Announces The Launch Dates Of Chandrayaan-2, Here Are The Details

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Even though I plan to stop on this I for the life of me can not drop the Idea that Those Knots in the large scale structure of the universe Is the same thing as Quark Gluon Plasma.

I simply can not Help but wonder How that Knot sees Time. Relativity. Once they finally pool. Massive gravity well. Move ahead Trillions of years after it pooled, I would think it probably only feels like it aged a few billion years. (the black hole probably does not experience time itself I would imagine).

So if it becomes A quark and the universe evolves and it finds itself in an atom and that atom finds itself in something living that can look back on its creation. How fast did the quarks birth seem. Bang And the universe would look like it expanded In an instant.

I can't shake it.

Best regards

Crazy or not this sticks with me forever. It gives Dark matter and dark energy And WHat looks like its taking forever took a blink it will be a matter of perspective

Sorry Had to leave a last volley on this till the day comes that I have time to learn terminology Scared to learn it as it seems there is a mistake in there everyone learned Maybe.



It's possible that somewhere along the way, we have made a mistake somewhere. It's possible that when we identify it, everything will fall into place just as it should, and there won't be a controversy or a conundrum any longer. But it's also possible that the mistake lies in our assumptions about the simplicity of the Universe, and that this discrepancy will pave the way to a deeper understanding of our fundamental cosmic truths.
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This is a good story and think it says in a way what you have been trying to tell me.

There is a diagram in there Tried light vs expansion. My Idea would not break olbers paradox. Then again my Idea may just be hot air - Left for history to decide.


A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.
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I have been finding tid bits suggesting that Inflation (MAY) Big 3 letter word, not be right.

I don't belive the big bounce, Seems to fancy in face of what I can see.

It took a lot of smart people a long time to come around and accept what the CMB says. I think it may take longer for many to accept what is screaming in front of them. As I said I do not discredit what the CMB says I simply am looking around and saying OK I get that but its bigger than that and that structure is connected to it and is what was there before BB.

Its a repeating BB on ever larger scales as you move up in scale the larger particles(knots in this case) preceive time at different scales due to the well they are in.

The fact that inflation seems to explain everything and anything and may be wrong gives hope to the idea.

Honestly the idea makes so much sense to me I feel I know the earth is round while every one else thinks its flat still.

I need to learn terminology not equations. As long as One knows the eq needed they can be dug up when needed. I don't wish to learn inflation. At least till dark matter and dark energy and expansion are answered. Than if it survives it will be most likely right, I don't think it will. Something will replace it one day. What, anyone's guess.

I can and will not disregard what the large scale structure of the universe seems to be screaming at me just As I was and am told I can not disregard what the CMB says (Which I never have) I simply searched for the missing link between gravity and BB(Physics)

Its Infinite LOL LOL LOL im suppose to have a knack for seeing patterns in numbers and images and be good at seeing the big pick and its screaming at me NO MATH NEEDED.

I have resorted to make simple less technical arguments for now since I lack terminology ATM.

Best regards

In the years since the 2013 ESA news conference, wrote Loeb and colleagues, “more precise data gathered by the Planck satellite and other instruments have made the case only stronger. Yet even now the cosmology community has not taken a cold, honest look at the big bang inflationary theory or paid significant attention to critics who question whether inflation happened. Rather cosmologists appear to accept at face value the proponents’ assertion that we must believe the inflationary theory because it offers the only simple explanation of the observed features of the universe. But, as they explain, the Planck data, added to theoretical problems, have shaken the foundations of this assertion.”

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PS Ya I could just be seeing Mars canals but that is the exact reason I wrote the stuff I did here and in the Naked Scientist forms. Just seeing where I could go assuming it to be true. Of course my ramblings make no sense without terminology but I did ask myself if I was seeing what I think I am or it just looks like it and I looked at different things. So far all the missing pieces fall into place. I never came across anything that says it cant be. Except Inflation which assumes the universe is not infinite. So I can only laugh. That's the elephant in the room. A simple assumption and everything is there Other than a finite universe.

Time will tell. Now I can let go and watch till I die - Physics try to explain it in a finite universe with wild multi dimensional strings or what ever. Big Bounce.

It was long after I realised what dark matter was that I learned why it can not react - Its to small. It Like everything just fit all of a sudden. Once I accepted it was infinite it was like WOW!

To me that's the elephant in the room.
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fligmin, seeing as you seem to be the only one talking for quite a while I'm going to close this off for lack of interest.

Thread closed.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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