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Woody Sep 21st 2018 09:04 AM

What is distance
I have been trying to build an idea in my head (rather unsuccessfully I must say)
where the distance between two objects is defined via the probability of these two objects interacting.

How this relates to the expanding cosmos, etc, is very unclear.
Still I find thinking about it an interesting intellectual challenge.

I sometimes think that when I retire (only a few years now) I can spend some serious time and effort and perhaps take a proper course in physics.
But in reality I know that I am probably happier fossicking around without actually attacking the real core of the problem.

htam9876 Sep 22nd 2018 04:59 PM

It's not about intellectual person, it's about God.

htam9876 Sep 25th 2018 12:14 AM

1 Attachment(s)
The tramp analyzed the speed of probability wave and put it in the attachment. It seems that God favours particle characteristic a bit more in this respect. What this world looks like if God changes his idea?

Woody Sep 25th 2018 04:40 AM

If God re-imagines the universe anew from moment to moment
then all human philosophies are meaningless.
God can re-imagine a totally different universe, and nothing can be understood.

If God has constructed a self consistent mechanistic cosmos,
then study of this cosmos is as meaningful (if not in fact even more meaningful)
as it would be for the pure chance universe creation scenario followed by most physicists.

I have looked at your attachment,
it looks interesting, but I will need a bit of time to apprehend its implications...

topsquark Sep 26th 2018 06:59 AM

Okay, first please drop God from the conversation. Religion is just too messy a topic for here and leads to flaming.

@htam9876: There are two kinds of velocity for a wave: the phase velocity and the group velocity. This is much simpler than your analysis.


htam9876 Sep 28th 2018 04:50 AM


topsquark Sep 28th 2018 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by htam9876 (Post 41793)

Sorry but you need to translate that one somehow. Google translate comes up with
"South without Anitou Buddha, Daci Great Pessimistic Bodhisattva"


htam9876 Sep 28th 2018 09:51 AM

It seems that my mission is not to explore cosmos, but to promote Chinese-American cultural exchange...

htam9876 Sep 28th 2018 07:27 PM

religion-culture duality
南无阿弥陀佛 is the honoured appellation to the supreme Buddha.
大慈大悲观世音菩萨 is the honoured appellation to the Goddess in the Chinese civilian belief. It means kind Goddess.
Perhaps they are known to everyone here in China mainly because of a famous ancient fiction, while not religion.
Of course the famous ancient fiction 《西游记》(Travelling to the West)was based on the religious legend of Monk Tang, who was the greatest Buddhist master in Chinese history.
Major figures in 《西游记》:
1. 唐僧 Monk Tang. He was an intellectual Buddhist scholar, a hero and surely the captain of the adventure team. His only purpose was to travel to the West(India today) to bring the Buddhist Bible back to his country, the Tang Empire.
2. 孙悟空 Monkey King. He was a brave and capable team member.
3.猪八戒 Monk Pig, direct translation by word is eight bans to pig.He is a funny guy. Originally, he was the marine commander in Heaven, a big dual and was descended to the civilian world because he wanted to chase and play the Moon Angel. There was a big fun about him. When he was descended to the civilian world, he made a big mistake and unfortunately turned into a pig monster. It's said that he still managed to be a son-in -law in a village before he joined the team.
4.沙僧 Monk Sha. He was originally a river monster and then an honest team member.
In fact, Buddhist temples today here are more places for tourism than pilgrimage.
When you see it with mind, it's religion.
When you see it with eye, it's culture.

topsquark Sep 29th 2018 08:57 AM

Well... I think that the topic that was originally posted is pretty much over.

Thread closed.


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