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English grammar track on time

English grammar is physics as we take study and test as counting on logics(Academy). So we can talk each other by language that is physics. Talking means just like forever as logical frame and in the same way for one man's life. It is the track for one way, forever. Each word is fit to time absolutely.
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Absolutely Not.

Physics and English Grammar cannot be equated.

The lack of clear and consistent rules in English grammar was something I personally found very difficult during my school years.
It was one of the attractions (for me) of Maths and Physics that they did have (relatively) fixed and consistent rules and results.

I believe that some other languages do have a much more structured syntax and grammar, particularly those that are not in general usage (e.g. Latin, Esperanto).
But English is a totally mongrel language, picking up inconsistent bits and pieces from a wide range of parent languages.
English is also constantly changing and evolving, as people continually make mistakes in every-day usage which gradually become the accepted norm.

This makes English perhaps uniquely inconsistent, but also (arguably) uniquely expressive.
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There are very strict rules of grammar that are abused by literate and illiterate with equal enthusiasm.

Nonetheless there are emphatic rules with a sharp cutting edge, the purpose of which is first to facilitate logical thought and second to enable accurate communication.

Demonstration of poor grammar is evidence of the lack of one, the other, or both. In a similar way humanity abuses physics with declarative statements like, "Hey guys, watch this!"

While words are spoken or conveyed, physics is not a verb.
We do not say, "to physic" in the same way as "to speak."
So there is no comparison except to note distinction.

There is no past and no future, so words/thoughts are not locked in time.
It is rather the symbols of them that survive in the present.

There is no such thing as a timeline.
It is a concept that only benefits an observer.

(Just my physics ignorant opinion)
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Physics and English

Good topic here. Years past I wrote this as a first page of discussion.
Very difficult writing for me. Just a first try.

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