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Physics formula from the number

We cannot use decimal points for the fraction, but for physics formula, we can use decimal points for fraction, so it is more easy to solve the physics formula. This number is just for the speed , as it is just for the physics formula and not the number, so we use it as m/sec as frame. For physics number, decimal point means infinite series as vector and it is still counting. Same amount for vector is fraction as scalar and it is one number. Same number but different explanation. So for physics formula, Kg is not changing as standard unit of point and for me, it is 1+1=2. Only speed can be changed. For speed number(units as m and sec), we just use different explanation between infinite series and fraction how they are related and equal to by one hypothesis as an example of number math as frame. And as a result, this physics formula becomes the numerology, again.
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Would it be possible for you to repost this in English?
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I think you may be referring to the difference between "REAL" and "INTEGER" values.
Most REAL values, as you indicate, cannot be represented exactly (PI is the obvious example).
The question becomes how accurate does the representation have to be to resolve the particular issue being considered?
I think you are also (correctly) suggesting that the order in which a calculation is performed can be important in determining the accuracy of the result.
In older computers with just 32 (or even less) bits representing the REAL numbers this could (perhaps surprisingly easily) lead to incorrect results being generated by essentially correct equations.
As a computer programmer I have myself fallen victim to this, on more than one occasion...
This is less of a problem with modern computers using 64 (or more) bits to represent the values, but it can still bite you if you ignore it.
There are mathematical methods for evaluating the accuracy that can be obtained from combined arithmetical computations, where each value has a limited finite representation, but for lengthy computational problems this evaluation can become horrible!
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