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Gas concentration by ppm for an increase in pressure

Air compressed to 24 Mpa with a final Co2 concentration of 400ppm is increased in pressure to 29 Mpa from atmosphere at a initial Co2 concentration of 300 ppm, what is the final Co2 concentration in ppm?
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PV= NRT where "P" is the pressure, "V" is the volume, "N" is the number of atoms or molecules, "R" is the "gas constant" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_constant), and "T" is the temperature in Kelvins. In your problem you do not mention volume or temperature so I presume those are held constant. The only variables are P and N.
Writing $\displaystyle P_1$ and $\displaystyle N_1$ for the first, 24 Mpa, case and $\displaystyle P_2$ and $\displaystyle N_2$ for the second, 29 Mpa, case, we have $\displaystyle P_1V= N_1RT$ and $\displaystyle P_2V= N_2RT$. Dividing the first by the second, $\displaystyle \frac{P_1}{P_2}=\frac{N_1}{N_2}$.
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Sorry Hallsof ivy I should of made It clear, the volume remains constant, there is a very slight increase in temperature and the initial Co2 concentration was 300ppm not the 400 that I initially stated. I'm just looking for a ball park figure of Co2 concentration i.e concentration goes up, goes down or remains the same. Also this is a mixed gas, normal Air (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Co2). What ever the answer is what is the formula for working this problem out.

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