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djanisf Dec 15th 2010 07:42 AM

3 Optic Problems
I have 3 questions to solve in 2 days for my coursework.. All the questions are about optical physic, thx for the answers..


Refracting prism with the angle O=60 between the refracting surfaces is made of glass with a refractive index n . If the angle of incidence at the first surface of prism is ? the angle of deflection d=42 is minimum ( d=dmin)
Find the glass refractive index n and angle of incidence ?


Light ray entering normally to the first surface AB of prism is reflected successively at the surfaces AC and BC and refracted at surface AC. Calculate the angles of prism ( a,,? ) if the angle of incidence of outgoing ray at the surface AC is zero and the angle between the incoming and outgoing ray is d=44


An optical system is composed of two positive thin lenses in air medium at distance d between them. The lenses are made of glass with refractive index n and the radii of curvature for the first lens surfaces are R'1 and R'2 and for the second lens surfaces are R''1 and R''2

a) Find the optical power F1 and F2 and focal length f1' and f2' of each lenses.
b) Calculate the position and size of the image of the object of size Y placed at a distance a1 in front of a first lens
c) Construct the image of the object from 1b) graphically
d) Calculate the new position and size of the image of the object from 1b if the plane parallel plate of thickness t is introduced between the lenses

n = 1.7
R'1 = 36.40
R'2 = -36.40
R''1 = 67.20
R''2 = -67.20
d = 48
a1 = -31
Y1 = 10
t = 12

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