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The convergent mirror in this problem is a part of...

Please help me with this question?
Hint: The convergent mirror in this problem is a part of a lens/mirror system so the object in this problem may be either real or virtual. Construct a ray diagram.
Given: A real object is located to the left of a convergent mirror. The object's distance from the mirror and its focal length are shown in the figure below.
The image is:
1. virtual, erect, and larger.
2. virtual, erect, and smaller.
3. real, inverted, and smaller.
4. real, inverted, and larger.
5. real, erect, and smaller.
6. virtual, inverted, and larger.
7. virtual, inverted, and smaller.
8. real, erect, and larger.

b) The image distance is?:
1. -17/7f
2. 19/9f
3. -12/5 f
4. 14/9f
5. -19/9f
6. -3/2f
8. 5/7f
9. 19/8f
10. 17/24f

c)The magnification is?:
1. 4/15
2. -3/4
3. 3/8
4. -5/7
5. 13/4
6. -7/8
8. 5/19
9. 4/13
10. 11/3

Thank you so much in advance! I know it seems like a whole lot, but most of its answer choices =)
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Since the object is with the focus of the concave mirror, the image is virtual, erect and enlarged.
to find the position of the image use
1/f = 1/do + 1/di.
The magnification = di/do
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