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Camerart Jan 9th 2019 04:35 AM

Loupe glasses end cap
Hi, 1st post :)

I have bought a pair of Eschenbach loupe glasses:

I didn't know that they come in 'near' or 'far' versions.

I bought the 'Far' type, but need the near type for electronics.

I think these van be modified by adding an optic to the front of the glasses, and need to find suitable ones.

I have a standard Loupe, which is x10 I took it apart and there are two optics inside. One of thes optics placed on the front of the glasses, brings the focus to app 70mm. I need to focus app 400mm.

Can anyone explain where I can buy suitable optics please?


Woody Jan 9th 2019 09:32 AM

I think you would be best advised to just accept that you have bought the wrong ones and purchase a complete new set of the near type.

Trying to re-work the far type into a set of near type sounds to me like a recipe for spending more money and ending up with a totally broken set that don't work either way.

You may be able to re-coup some of your outlay by placing the unwanted set on e-bay (or similar).

Camerart Jan 12th 2019 01:29 AM

Ok, thanks, but are there any lens type answers please?

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