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schlieren photography

Hi all,
I would like to setup a Schlieren photography set, similar to what shown at the link below:

Practically I would print a series of stripes on the background an take a photo of it. then i would need to put the film in front of a camera at perfect register: in standard conditions no light will pass. During the test, the light will be deviated and pass. my problem is how/where to place the film. the first idea would be to place it on sensor where the lens will focus the image but it's too risky for the sensor. is there any other setup to have both the background and the film focused on sensor plane?
thanks a lot
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If you can get an old camera, and fit the grid in the focal plane where the film would usually go.
Set the old camera up so that the image you want is projected onto the grid,
but leave the back of the old camera open.
Then use a new camera to take a picture of that projected image.

The usual Schlieren method is to light the object from behind using a collimated light source (parallel beam).
Place a razor blade at the focal point of the lens, positioned such that it just blocks off the image.
Any light that is distorted due to density fluctuations in the air will no longer be perfectly parallel to the rest, and will thus pass by the edge of the razor.

The difficulty with all Schlieren techniques is that they have to be set up "just so", with all the bit and pieces lined up nearly perfectly.
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photography, schlieren

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