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Lightbulb Can the wavelength, and frequency of any EM wave

be increased, or decreased, as the waves pass through a solid four inch cubed block of material like black carbon.
This could be done with radio waves, but I am thinking of mixing invisible EM waves together, so that waves pass through the block, while photons get absorbed by electrons, and the electrons move to higher shell levels, basically the shell levels inside glass, that make glass transparent to light.
Or do any kind of EM waves, can only be sent directly to the block of solid carbon, and the EM waves wavelength, and frequency, cannot be adjusted inside the block.
Also even if the temperature of the block was changed, either cooled, or heated up.
So imagine a mixture of three invisible EM waves, all mixed together as a single beam, either X-rays, gamma waves, ultraviolet waves.
The photons that get absorbed by electrons, are sent in microscopic timed bundles, through the carbon block.
So as the photons that do not get absorbed, because they are sent in microscopic timed bundles, mixed in with the other EM waves, as they pass through the carbon block the frequency, of the wavelength, and frequency of the invisible rays is changed, while adjusting the temperature of the carbon block, to help with absorption, or no absorption.
Could the invisible EM waves raise the electrons to shell levels of glass to not get excited by light.
Could it be done, basically to make the carbon block translucent by 2%, even temporarily.
Thank you for your help, anything helps even a few words
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