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Binocular Vision

Thank you both fror contribution but I hasve to disageree.

Here in Cornwall, unless you are on a national salary, you need two jobs. For my sins I drove local buses for 8 years. And, one dark night I received the fright of my life.

I had dropped my last two kids at a local (disused) railway station, extinguished the saloon lights, and set off for home. I was just shifting into 3rd gear, about 16 m.p.h. when became overwhelmed by a monstrous fear. Stopped, took a breather, and tried again. SSame result.

Only then did I notice that i had failed to raise my headlights which I had diipped when I stopped. It was a very narrow road , high banks topped with thick bushes which had overgrown the road and had been sculpted into a tunnel by the passage of farm wagons. I had a magnifent spread of light which illumated that tunnel when on full but, dipped, both lamps where focussed on a spot about 20yds along the nearside bank.

Dipping those lights completely removed my peripheral vision. Restore that 180-degree world and all panic disappeared. I tested this on many occsions and was left without doubt that 3-D perseption (abaove a certain speed) comes from the peripherals !


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Yes I have come across a similar argument in (of all things) the vision of hunting dragonflies.
(it was in some nature documentary I watched on TV)
The rate at which the image of an object passes across the retina (particularly at the periphery) is related to how far away it is (parallax).

The brain takes hints and cues from all these various sources and fuses them to give the resultant perception.
Note another huge influence on what you perceive is what you EXPECT to see.
You have GOT to Laugh !
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