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This problem has stumped me greatly.

If the magnitude of the resultant force is to be 500N, directed along the positive y-axis, determine the magnitude of force F and its direction (theta).

The picture is on an x-y plane; there's a force 15 degrees below the negative x-axis and has a magnitude of 700N.

That's all the information the problem has given me.

Can someone please explain how I go about doing this?
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I'n guessing from your description that you have a force which I'll call F1 with magnitude 700N plus an unknown force F, and that these two forces added together result in a combined force R of 500N in the positive-y direction. In other words:

F1 + F = R

To find F simply subtract F1 from both sides:

F = R-F1

Please note that F, F1 and R are all vectors, so this requres vector subtraction. Can you finish it from here?
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