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What is force? What does it mean to "apply a force" on an object? Is it different fro

Sorry that question was cut short. The third question was whether "applying" a force was different from applying an impulse.

Do we define force and the magnitude of force in terms of the change of velocity of an object of mass 'm' to which a force F is applied (F = ma) i.e. a force is an influence that changes an object's velocity? Also, do we classify any accelerating mass as a 'force' i.e. force is also any accelerating mass?

Note: If force is defined this way i.e. it is the product of the mass and acceleration, then to "apply" a force would be to create an influence on the object such that the mass 'm' undergoes an acceleration 'a'.
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I would say that force is a phenomenon which causes a change in velocity of a body, and not as an accelerating mass.

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