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Finding Initial Velocity

Hi - I'm in a Physics course that has assigned a take home final, but there is one question I don't have any idea how to attempt, and any guidance would be wonderful. Two shuffle board pieces, a and b, are resting 2.50m apart. Piece b is 10.0cm from the edge of the table. What initial velocity must be given to the piece a so that after directly hitting piece b, piece b stops right at the table's edge? The coefficients of kinetic and static friction 0.100 and 0.110, respectively. The masses of each piece are 0.500kg.

Should I begin with the law of conservation of matter...?
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applying momentum conservation, we can find v just after collision. now deceleration=frictional force/m=mew (kinetic)g
next kinematic equation 0=v^2-2as we will get v which should be related to initial speed of A by momentum conservation.
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finding, initial, velocity

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