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Net force angle of direction

I was able to solve for the magnitude of a, but i cant seem to find what angle they are asking for.

In earlier days, horses pulled barges down canals in the manner shown in Fig. 5-47. Suppose the horse pulls on the rope with a force of 8000 N at an angle of θ = 25 to the direction of motion of the barge, which is headed straight along the positive direction of an x axis. The mass of the barge is 9600 kg, and the magnitude of its acceleration is 0.15 m/s2. What are (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction of the force on the barge from the water? (Measure the direction clockwise from the direction of motion, and give your angle to the nearest degree.)

Fig. 5-47
Problem 48.
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Suppose the net force on the barge due to the water is F

And let us assume the direction of force is at an acute angle b to the negative x-axis

Then, 8000cos(25)-Fcosb = 9600(0.15)........(1)
And Fsinb+8000sin(25) = 96000.......(2)

Solve the two equations to obtain F and the angle b.
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