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Velocity Graph to Position Graph

I'm struggling to translate the second half of a velocity graph into a position graph (I figured out the first, positive slope part). The second half of v graph has a slope of -5.33. (It transverses from (7.5, 18) to (13.5, -18), crossing the x-axis halfway.) I'm not sure how to draw a p graph from this. The peak of my p graph is at 7.5t, 54m; from here, I expect (b/c of the decreasing v) for position to decrease. But I don't know whether to consider the whole area under the curve as -91. Or consider the curve in two parts (over the x-axis, under the x-axis) = A 40.5 and -40.5. Or do these two components cancel each other out to equal 0?
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the position-time graph should form a curve with the maximum value where the velocity is zero, after that it should come back down.
correct me if i'm wrong, other members?
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