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Cylinder moving on plane with friction

A hollow cylinder with mass m and radius R stands on a horizontal surface with its smooth flat end in contact the surface everywhere. A thread has been wound around it and its free end is pulled with velocity v in parallel to the thread. Find the speed of the cylinder. Consider two cases: (a) the coefficient of friction between the surface and the cylinder is zero everywhere except for a thin straight band (much thinner than the radius of the cylinder) with a coefficient of friction of μ, the band is parallel to the thread and its distance to the thread $\displaystyle a<2R$(the figure shows a top-down view); (b) the coefficient of friction is μ everywhere. Hint: any planar motion of a rigid body can be viewed as rotation around an instant centre of rotation, i.e. the velocity vector of any point of the body is the same as if the instant centre were the real axis of ro-

In the case (a): I don't know where to start! Maybe I have to write the two torque equations (one for the pulling thread and the other for the friction force)?
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