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Thermexine fuel

I was wondering if one of you smart chaps or chapesses could work out (or know) what this fuel consists of.

To put into context, I have acquired a Redcat catalytic heater which uses Thermexine as its fuel. The company who made it has long since been dissolved (not literally).

According to the instructions "The Redcat heater consists of a tank containing a special fuel, Thermexine. This fuel is transferred via two control valves and two fibreglass elements to the evaporating chamber. At the top of this container is a mat containing a powdered form of the rare metal, platinum. When the Thermexine vapors come in to contact with the platinum at a temperature above 70□F a catalytic reaction generating a heat of up to 450□F takes place. No flame is present, although in the dark the mat shimmers and glows a dull red. This heat is relatively safe because it is insufficient to ignite most common materials."

It also has two electric elements powered by d cell batteries which provide the initial heat to start the catalytic reaction.

It would be great if I could put this heater to use rather than just scrapping it. It's in perfect condition!

Thanks in advance.
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Thermexine fuel

Hi, we also have a heater that requires Thermexine fuel, did you have any luck locating supplies or manufacturer of product.
We cannot even find data sheets on line relating to it.
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Hi. we are currently dealing with the disposal of a Thermexine product. The main component is Heptane.
I hope this helps.

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