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Nuclear Physics brings Alchemy back

From time to time I am having a little fun asking people two questions. Is it possible to achieve what alchemists wanted - lead to gold transformation? Everyone gives me a right answer: "go to hell" or "hell no, donít you go to school, alchemy was a pseudoscience"

Then I ask a second question. Is it possible to get one periodic element from another? Most of the people do not fully understand the meaning but some give the right answer - "Yes, it is called nuclear reaction" and almost immediately come to realisation - it was the same question asked twice. Lead and gold are both metals, both from periodic table.

According to both Bohrís atomic and quantum mechanical models, the difference between lead and gold is three protons in atom nucleus. If we remove those extra protons from lead nucleus we get an atom of gold and some energy. Unfortunately we do not have the know-how to exercise that kind of control, yet.

I donít think that synthetic gold will be financially feasible, but we are already running short of some rear earth metals, that shortage holds back our technological advance. Alchemy also, can be a good alternative or supplement to asteroid mining Ö
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Do you, in reference to "turning lead into gold", tell them that nuclear reactions actually go the other way- that, because lead has a greater atomic mass than gold, gold can be turned into lead.
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An interesting thing is , when you read alchemical texts , they talk of starting with lead , then changing to mercury , then finally to gold !!! Of course these ancient chemists had no idea of Atomic weight or number , but we now know these tree elements are very close together and follow in the same sequence ..... Is it possible there 's a way to chip off a few alpha particles from lead to make it mercury , without an explosive release of energy?? and do the same turning mercury to gold ???
Conventional scientific wisdom says NO !! ...Still it's a strange coincidence....

82 lead 207 .... 80 mercury 200 .... 79 gold 196
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It's probably possible to do this, but we would be looking at resisting a chemical exchange to go against entropy. Whether or not we ever have the equipment to do it we'd still have to pump in a whale of energy. You'd never be able to make the system profitable.

Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Conventional scientific wisdom says NO !!
Do you have any reason to expect otherwise?

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Originally Posted by topsquark View Post
Do you have any reason to expect otherwise?

There is work being done investigating the possible transmutation of elements by water cavitation


I looked into it quite deeply a decade ago , and was convinced there's something in it , the science is very sound ( I have a background in nuclear physics) ... Can't seem to find youtube videos on this ...there used to be ... this is the closest I could find ... it's tied in , plasma toroids from water cavitation ...

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