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Momentum Problem

A curler plans on launching rock A at 2.8 m/s to hit Rock B with an angle of 61 degrees in order to hit rock B towards rock C at 1.7 m/s 75 degrees as shown. Will any rock make contact with rock D?
I tried solving rock A because that's the only one that seemed reasonable to clash with rock D. I got rock A magnitude and direction but I don't how to check if hits rock D?
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I think this is a 2D problem and gravity doesn't come into play (motion are non accelerated). If so,
You can calculate the tan of angle made by straight line joining D and initial position of B with line of length .6 m by dividing .42 with .6
If the tan of angle made by velocity vector of A, after collision with B, is equal to this it will collide with D

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Conservation of momentum says that the momentum of the system remains constant throughout the collision. A comes in with a certain amount of momentum in both x- and y- directions, and each of those momenta must b maintained. So the portion of momentum that must be imparted to B to cause it to go to the left must balance the momentum that is imparted to A in teh opposite direction. And the forward momentum that is impated to B must be subtracted from A.

I suggest you work on this and post back with what you are able to determine, and how you got it, and we'll check it for you.
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