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Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force

So yeah. I spaced out a bit today and class and now I'm paying for it. Could someone explain these to me?

1) A long straight wire carries a current of 14A in the positive x-direction. Below the wire is a square loop with sides 1.0m in length. The loop carries a current of 2.5A in the clockwise direction indicated and is 0.2m below the straight wire. Calculate the magnitude of the net force acting on the loop.

I know the magnetic forces of the left and right sides of the square cancel each other out, because they are the same distance from the wire and act in directions opposite to each other. So I only need to use the top and bottom sides of the square. Am I right to calculate this using F/l = [ μ_o (I1) (I2)] / [2πL]?

2) Two parallel wires each carry a current of 2.2A in the same direction (to the right). There is a distance of 15cm between these wires. Point A is 7.6cm directly above the top wire. What is the direction and magnitude of the net magnetic field at point A?

Um, yeah. I think I find the magnetic field at point A using the distance from both wires and just add them together (they more in the same direction, so they add together).
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BOTH are correct.
1) yes, because B is constant along length of the loop and comes out of integral.(but not along breadth but that will cancel out) applying it to top and bootom, we just need to subtract them to get net force on the loop.

2) yes, both will be in same direction.
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