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QuestionablePhysics Mar 26th 2018 03:18 AM

PLASMA BALL and Concave Mirror Trick
I recently purchased a plasma ball and was trying to think up tricks to do with it and saw the concave mirror trick online where it creates a virtual image of a ball or a pig or whatever when inside to 2 concave mirrors with a hole in the top one.

With that in mind I am wondering what would happen if you put a lamp fluorescent bulb inside the concave mirrors and light the room only with the plasma ball, and then brought the plasma ball into contact with the virtual image of the bulb. Would it GLOW like as it would if brought into actual contact with the bulb. The question seems somewhat reasonable as I did see a laser pointer react upon a virtual image and react as if it was pointed upon the real image.

Hoping to see some responses. Heck if anybody could try this and post some images of the experiment it would be great.


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