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Polarized light from any suface?

From a textbook I read something like this: "When sunlight is reflected from a horizontal surface, the plane of incidence is vertical, and the reflected light contains a preponderance of light that is polarized in the horizontal direction.... The manufacturer makes the polarizing axis of the lens material vertical, so very little of the horizontally polarized light reflected from the road is transmitted to the eyes."

I just wonder whether all types of surfaces, even it is opaque, can reflect light with partially or completely polarized light which the perpendicular component of E field is dominant?

For opaque surface like asphalt road, are there any critical angle so that all the reflected light are completely polarized (like the Brewster's angle in water, glass etc)?
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Yes, light reflected from a horizontal surface, such as a road surface, the surface of a lake, or puddle, is polarized horizontally. I presume that the "manufacturer" you are quoting is a manufacturer of polarized sun glasses?

No, you are not going to find any surface, except possibly one that has been specifically designed for the purpose, that reflects only "completely polarized" light.
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