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thermodynamic's first law

Hi there,

I have some simple questions in thermodynamics ... Hope I can find the correct answers to them

*the quantities: pressure(P) , volume(V) , concentration , are called state function ... is this sentence correct or incorrect ? and why ?

I obtained these from a youtube video:
in adiabatic process ... ΔE = -w
Isochoric ... ΔE = Q
Isobaric ... ΔE = Q - w
Isothermal ... ΔE = 0

but I didn't get the enthalpy changes in these processes
but I think enthalpy would be like this:

in adiabatic process ... ΔH = 0
Isochoric ... ΔH = Q ... because in isochoric ΔV=0
Isobaric ... ΔH = Q ... because in Isobaric Pressure is constant
Isothermal ... ΔH = Δ(PV)

are these correct just like that ?

another need of help ...
what is ΔE & ΔH for these:
*isenthalpic process
*isentropic process
*Isolated system
*open system
*close system

what is the difference between "Energy content" & "Heat content" ?

does it affect numerically the ΔE or the ΔH .. if we say reversible adiabatic process or if we say irreversible adiabatic process ?

my regards
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Thanks for info.

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