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Pressurized gas container gets opened

Hi guys!

So the question that I am working through is about a container of gas that is closed then opened to the atmosphere. I am given the pressure of the container (110500 pa), the mass of the air in the container (4 grams of air). I am also told the once the container is opened (which is an adiabatic process) that the pressure is released instantly and that the pressure is then returned to standard atmospheric pressure.

I am asked for the temperature change associated with this process. I believe we can make the dry air assumption here, so I my thought process was that I could use the equation:
P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2 However, I am not sure if I am over complicating things or not. Is there something that I a missing, or would this equation be satisfactory in this case?

Thank you!
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